BenQ DW1655 and CD-RW Problems

I’ve been using my DW1655 for a while now and the only problems I’ve seen so far are the slow DVD+DL burns. (when is BenQ going to release another firmware update to fix this problem?)

Anyway I’ve written about 10 or 12 regular CD’s and had no problems at all, but today I stuck in a Memorex CD-RW 12x Rewitable and I ran into a bunch of problems. The first problem was the drive wouldn’t erase the contents on the disc using either Nero, ImageBurn or DVDinfo Pro 5.45. It would start to do it and then just error out. The second problem came when I put in a blank and went to write an image in Nero and the write speed came up as 12x 24x 32x and 48x. Well I’m sorry but you aren’t going to write a CD-RW at 48x. I did try at 12x and it failed as well.

Now I know the first thing you will say is it’s Nero. (god I know I would) :rolleyes: BUT I took the CD-RW with the contents of it and put it in my Pionner 108 and I had no problems erasing it and when it came time to write the image it showed up as just a 12x rewritable and it wrote fine in the 108 so that can only leave me with the conclusion that there must be problems with REWRITABLE CDRW’S and the BenQ DW1655.

Has anyone else with the drive tried to erase or write to CD-RW’s? and how were your results?

I have had loads of problems with Memorex CD-RW discs and the DW-1620/40 and 55. None of these would write to them but had no problems with other RW discs I have.

I now burn them using my laptop drive as that supports the max speed of the discs I have but the burn quality is not the best.

If the Memorex CD-RW is from Infodisc, it’s garbage. Here is a scan of a Memorex 16x-24x (Infodisc) CD-RW on a 1640:

Thanks for the info.

I still find it strange that the Pioneer and my old LiteOn CDRW 52x writter had no problems with the disks. I have yet to find any 80 minute (700) meg CD-RW’s other than Memorex up here in Canada, in fact I can’t even find any high speed CD-RW’s period up here, all I seem to see are 2x and 4x.

Who Makes good CD-RW’s that are 80 minutes long (700megs) and are 12x to 24x? I had a look and Verbatims only go up to 74 minutes or (650 megs) for high speed media.

I haven’t test 1655 on CD-RWs but for sure my 1640 doesn’t like ANY CD-RWs (burn at rated speed)!

I got the same problem with CD-RW. No matter what I’m doing, Benq does not write to CD-RW media.

I’m using XP MediaCenter, Benq dw1650, Asus A8V mb and dualcore Athlon. I already tryed:

  • CDRW media Verbatim 8-10x, Memorex 16-24
  • nero 5, 6 and 7, version 5 does not see the drive, 6 & 7 say: illegal disc
  • feurio says: illegal request, unknown error code
  • deepburner, cdburnerxp: error
  • install ASPI, ForceAspi: no change
  • start/stop Windows cd-burning service: no change
  • firmware BCAC, BCDC: no change
  • replace drive with new one: no change
  • remove Sonic DVD (part of MediaCenter): no change
  • install/remove InCD: no change
  • install Via Hyperion drivers: no change

What is working:

  • burning DVD+R, CD-R, DVD+RW works with nero 6
  • burning Verbatim CD-RW works with nero 6 when I replace dw1650 with old Teak W516E

Any other idea what I can check?

I’m getting to conclusion that Benq did something wrong with their firmware and got drive incompatibile with current software.

I’ve formatted and burned old Imation and newer TDK CD-RWs with no problems at all on my 1655.

Were these CD-RW’s 650meg or 700meg (74 or 80) minute disc’s, and what speed are they?

This isn’t a huge deal but if your only drive was a BenQ1655 and you wanted to use CD-RW’s then It looks like in most cases your SOL.

The Imation is a 650 4x and the TDK is a 700 10x or 12x.

I bought several samples of CD-RW media and it looks like all are correctly recognised and can be written. I successfully burned:

  • Verbatim 16-24x at 24x
  • Philips (Infodisc) 4-12x at 10x
  • TDK (Moser Baer) 4-12x at 10x
    So the problem is media related, I was unlucky to start my test with two different discs that don’t work in dw1650.

The following applies to my media

  • verbatim 4X : no problem
  • Plextor 10X : no problem
  • Imation 10X (dye CMC) : erasing OK but available speeds range from 12X to 48X. Simulation fails at 12X, of course.

To me it looks like the speed tables for some CDRW media are wrong in the firmware or Nero cannot read them correctly.

On my DW1640 no problems with CD-RW, burnt Memorex CD-RW (Infodisc) with excellent results.
Just had problems with ordinary cd-r, but these problems are gone with my DW1650.

Just scanned a Memorex CD-RW burned on my DW1650 and the result is good.