BenQ DW1655 16X DVD/CD Writer $57 at

ctrl+c/ctrl+v from bens. (for the retail fans out there). offers BenQ DW1655 16X DVD/CD Lightscribe Retail Boxed (Black) with Nero and LightScribe software for $63 - 10% code FY10 [Exp 2/5] = $57 with free shipping.

I dunno. Seems a bit high priced to me. Benq drives usually run between $40-$50 shipped.

I just ordered mine from ZZF for $63.99 with free 2 day shipping.

Looks to be a good drive…

The retail is $66.99 and the OEM is $52.99 before the discount. I ordered mine from Directron for $59.99 shipped.

I went to the Shop4Tech site shortly after this was posted to try and buy one. The site said these were expected shortly but none were available at the time. It offered to send email when they arrived and I gave my email. So far, no email. I checked just now and the drives show as available but the price is now higher. Is this how these folks usually work? Do they ever send the emails and do they maintain the originally offered price?

If not, guess I’ll get an OEM unit from Newegg for $49.99 plus $4.89 shipping for a total of $54.88 shipped. I already have Nero and can download the BenQ software easily enough so…

I would go with the retail for just $10 more, Zipzoomfly has them in stock if you can order from them.

Mine ships today…

I would do ^ too because I have read in other threads that the retail are burning better.

Some claim that the retail version is better and it is only $5 more. I guess this explains the variation in quality of the BenQ drives. Zipzoomfly offers 2nd day free shipping, but take them forever to ship out the item. Newegg ships out the same day as long as your order is placed before 2:30 pm pacific. I ordered an item from newegg 4 days after placing an order from zipzoomfly. And I received the item from Newegg before the shipping confirmation from zipzoomfly.