Benq DW1655, 1.0x write speed and firmware thing



Hi all!
I have 4 doubts:

First) I would like to know where to download the GCAB firmware for my BENQ DW1655 burner OR ANY other “G” firmware series for the burner (just a firmware backup thing cause my benq comes with that firmware and I would like to have a backup of it).

Second) Is there any way to burn disks at 1.0x speed with BENQ DW1655?

Third) Whats the best firmware realeased:

  • GCAB
  • BCDB
  • BCGB
  • BCHB
  • BCIB

Fourth) Why would like to know why when I launch the Qsuite 2.1 installed here, it doesnt shows me the QScan tab, the WOPC tab and the TEST WRITE tab. (just shows the booktype, solidburn and overspeed.)



No, benq 16xx drives only support 2.4X and higher for dvd+r, and 4x or higher for DVD-r


So its [B]completelly IMPOSSIBLE[/B] to burn at [B]1x [/B] speed ?

thanks anyway rugger :sad: :sad: :sad:


Can anybody here say to me, which DVD burners (brands and their models if possible; better if they are new in the market) can write at [B]1x[/B] speed?
thanks a lot! :rolleyes:


Oh no, not again, the @1X search! :doh:

There is no reason whatsoever to burn @1X, and there is no existing media on the market that can give proper burning quality at this speed. Assuming you could burn the disc @1X, the quality would be crap. Then there’s the fact that no PC burner exists that can burn @1X. Only video standalone recorders can (actually most don’t even burn @1X but @2.4X from a buffer memory).

Maybe if you explain why on earth you think you have to burn @1X, we can be of some help. :wink:

There is no “best” firmware realease because “best” means something else for everyone. The most “peace-of-mind” (= less issues) IMO is BCDB.

Where to downlaod the firmwares? Well, you can find that in the sticky threads, don’t be that lazy… :wink:


If you need to record TV shows and stuff straight to DVD, you should let it buffer on the computer and burn at 4 or 8 speed (depending on the media). Most devices should handle even frequent buffer relinks decently.

Hmmmm, I’d go insane having to burn everything at 1X speed.

As a further note, I suggest you burn, in general:

4x DVD-/+R’s at 4 speed for best quality.
8 to 16 speed DVD -/+Rs at 8 speed for best quality.


The BenQ 1655 slowest speed is 2.4x. It also doesn’t support 6x speed, which is my preferred speed for 8x media.
I know for sure that my Pio 111 supports 1x speed for certain media. In fact, it writes the crappy Princo DVD-RW 1x with this speed and the scans are amazing.


I can stand corrected :), but I find this so unexpected that I’d really like to see an actual CDSpeed burning curve… what a soft like Nero reports is not always the genuine writing speed…

EDIT Sorry for my being “suspicious”, you’re 100% right about the Pioneer. :flower:


Of course, I use Imgburn. I’m currently burning such a crappy Princo with my LG H22N. It too uses 1x speed. Here is a snapshot:


Well, I stand VERY corrected :bigsmile: :bigsmile: LOL

But then again, unless one uses such crap as Princo, what’s the idea behind @1X burning? To save MUCH time and have great burns, better use decent media! :iagree:


Most burners still support 1x burning … the Benq 16XX drives arn’t them though. :slight_smile: (not sure about 1670, different chipset, probably support 1x burning too)


dont need to be so disappointed with my ask. :slight_smile:

Lazy? sure…
I think you did not understand what I posted.
I asked to download the [B]GCAB [/B] or any [B]G [/B] series firmware.
If you go to that sticky link, inside benq/philips burners you [B]WILL NOT [/B] find there any GCAB or any G series firmware to download, you will only find there links to: BCDB, BCGB, BCHB firmwares.
So, I wanna have a copy of my actual firmware before crossflash it to a new firmware like BCDB or BCIB thing.

and YES, here I can find some good media to burn at 1x speed.

Why burn at 1x makes you say that at that speed I WONT reach a quality state of burn?


thanks again rugger…
well, thats a crappy thing… cause even with a good media, when I burn some movies at 2.4x and play them in my dvd home player, it starts to freeze everytime…
I dont know what to do… maybe a 1x burn try, give me an answer for this.


No, the thing to do is to burn them at 8x.

First of all, NEVER burn a DVD-R at 2.4x … that is a DVD+R speed and you will simply coaster your disk. 4x is the absolute minimum for the 1655 drive.

However, the speeds between 8 and 16 are the ones modern DVD burners are optimised for. While that disk says it can be burned at 1x, you still need the drive to properly optimised at that speed for the results to be good. Most firmware work goes into the high speed burns (8x and higher) rather then 1x, 2x, 2.4x and 4x, so you should be avoiding those speeds.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, try a different type of disk. These benq drives still prefer DVD+R disks, so try something like TY DVD+Rs or Verbatim DVD+Rs.


Thanks [B]rugger [/B]- I can just sit back and relax :bigsmile:


G firmwares are OEM. Have fun finding one of those.


OK! Trying to solve the problem I followed the advices.

I went to the store and I bought a HP [B]DVD+[/B]R 8X media just to give a try burning that movie to see if the “[B]FREEZE[/B]” thing remains.

  1. after ripping some movie using DVD Shrink succesfully to an ISO image file, I burn directly in a [B]DVD-RW [/B] using ImgBurn.

  2. I opened the Qsuite 2.1 and inside there I changed the [B]SolidBurn [/B] tab to ENABLED in UNKONW MEDIA and ENABLED in KNOWN MEDIA, then I modified the [B]DVD+R media [/B] [B]BOOKTYPE to DVD-ROM[/B].

  3. Then I open NERO to use his “COPY-DVD” to burn the HP DVD+R media. Nero makes the *.NRG image file from the DVD-RW disk, then eject the tray to insert the NEW [B]DVD+R[/B] disk in.

[B]4) The problem, here we go[/B]: Nero waits something about 30seconds then shows me the following window:

What am I doing wrong? Its my first time burning a [B]DVD+R[/B] media, without success :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

But media stills BLANK :wink:


You should burn the above Sony media either at 4x or 8x speed. I prefer to burn 8x media at 6x speed, but the BenQ 1655 doesn’t support this speed. As already mentiioned the BenQ 1655 prefers DVD+R media. In particular, it loves Verbatim DVD+R 16x media. For these media my BenQ 1655 still achieves the best burn quality of all my drives at 8x speed, though my LG H22N yields almost the same quality at 16x speed. The BenQ 1655 is also one of the very few burners, with which you can overburn DVD+R media (you have to use Imgburn). Again Verbatim DVD+R 16x are very suitable for overburning. The BenQ 1655 is also a good Scanner. Thus download CDSpeed to check the quality of your burns.


Get Imgburn and burn the image with this program. It probably won’t work either, but it would be interesting to see the Imgburn error messages. Imgburn also has special support for the BenQ 1655.


This is due to your OEM firmware.