BenQ DW1650 won't burn onto Philips DVD?

I’m sorry if this is a hassle, but I’m a complete newb when it comes to technicalities with burning. I’ve searched this forum, and most of it makes very little sense, although I did try to look into a few things. Here’s the problem.

Not at all recently, I got my BenQ dvd burner. Took a look at the hardware profiles to find what version it was just today to help me troubleshoot this. Anyways, I’ve had no problems with it until now. Before this point, I had worked my way through 50 Ridata dvd-r at 8x (max for those dvd’s) without ever coming across a single problem. However, after pretty much running out, we bought 100 philips dvd+r.

Um, I got a program that was reffered to on this forum called DVD Identifier. Hopefully that will help a little.
The Ridata’s had a Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD-R:RITEKG05]
The Philips had a Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD+R:CMC MAG-M01-000]

The problem is that I simply can’t burn to the Philip’s DVDs. Nero runs into an error whenever I try to burn something, regardless of the speed I set it to, and windows won’t burn it either through the drag and drop method. It says the files cannot be copied. The exact same files will however, burn onto the few Ridata’s that I have left, with no changes to the settings.

I’m not really sure what I need to do in order to fix this, but if anybody would be willing to help me out or guide me through some of the more technical stuff like the graphs and logs I see out there, I’d be more than willing to try my best. I really don’t want to have all these dvd’s go to waste, plus I’d like to not run into this problem in the future either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m running Nero 7 Ultra, although I hardly did a full/typical install. I removed most of the extra options, since I only needed Nero Burning ROM.

CMC MAG’s in general aren’t that great, and the M01’s are still fairly new considering the age of the Benq firmware. Those Ritek G05’s are also known to have degradation issues as well.

Remedy: Try some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs.

Hm. This MID is already known in BCDC firmware…


True but the burns are…well…crap. For me anyway when I bought some of the Staples branded CMC MAG M01’s that were onsale a while ago. I gave the rest of my 50 cake pack away.

My firmware is actually updated to BCDC. After a little oddness where my drives didn’t detect and I opened her up to secure everything, now my dw1650 deosn’t even detect when one of those Philips dvd’s are in the drive; says that it isn’t accesible. Fine for everything else though. Ah well, my brother has a different dvd burner. Hopefully he can make use of these. Thanks everybody for your help. Muchly appreciated :slight_smile:

I too have seen exactly the same thing with these same Phillips discs. I’ve tested them on both a 1650 and a 1655 and they both burn them equally poorly, frequently with the burn slowing down to 4X and then frequently aborting.

I’ve tried burning them with Solidburn turned on and off - to no avail. With each firmware upgrade, I burn three or four of them, with the idea that perhaps Solidburn will learn them this time around. But this burner simply will not burn these discs properly no matter what.

Note that it’s [B]not[/B] the discs since they all burn perfectly at 16X on my BenQ 1640 (as shown by a quality scan with CDSpeed).

I figure there’s something unique about the CMC MAG formulation that the 1640’s laser can handle and the 1650’s laser cannot - but that’s simply speculation.

Anyway, they’re the only discs I’ve found that seem to be incompatible with the 1650/1655 drive, so I simply avoid buying any more of them. But it sure is a mystery to me as to why they burn so poorly!

Philips branded INFOME30 aren’t that bad: