Benq DW1650 VERY BAD TYG02 scans

My very first burn with this drive with TYG02 media is the worst I have ever seen… its the same batch that my LG-4163B drive will burn the entire disc at PIF <80.

Obviously something isn’t right but I have no idea what.

I did a Qscan of the disc before I burnt it which looked like this:

And attached is the Nero scan of the final burn, absolute shocker.

I did burn the DVD with Prassi ONES and I was wondering maybe that software doesn’t work very well with this burner??

Does anyone know if this is a dodgy drive or why these results are so bad?

You are scanning at very high speeds. Try to re-scan @8x. Are these genuine Taiyo Yuden discs, You should see GG000XXX on the inner hub.

  • Please tell us what is the burn speed, SolidBurn, WOPC and OverSpeed settings (disable/enable)?

  • What is the brand of your TYG02?

They are genuine Taiyo Yuden’s, overspeed settings are disabled, solidburn disabled for known and enabled for unknown, WOPC enabled, they were burnt at 8x, scanning at 8x or 12x gave pretty well exactly the same results.

Just an absolute terrible result, completely at odds with what everyone else is getting.

Try burning with WOPC off…or burn with lower speeds like 4x

Ok guys here is the same media (MCC 003) well I tried another burn on the DW6150 with MCC 003 and got results pretty well identical to the scan of the TYG02 earlier in my post, so I thought I’d check my LG-4163B with the same media to make sure it wasn’t that, scanned at 12x and have a look at the difference with the LG…

I’d say there may be a fault in the lense on the DW6150 cos the burns go haywire after about the first 60%, I’m returning it for a replacement.

It can happen. While not a DW1650, I’ve had other BenQ drives go belly-up and act very strange like you have seen. BenQ drives are generally awesome performers, but are relatively cheap and there is an occasional bad drive here and there.

BTW, I’m assuming you’re talking about a “DW1650” and not a “DW6150”. You might want to see if a moderator can change the title line of the thread here…

Oops yeah DW1650, would be good if someone could change that.

I’m getting a replacement this arvo but probably won’t be able to test it until tomorrow, so I will post my results up here so everyone can see whether in fact it was a dodgy drive or not. Fingers crossed.

Alrighty got the replacement burner and everything is looking as it should…

Just unlucky enough to get a dud.

Compared to my LG-4163B mixed results:

PI Errors: +40% (LG 22259, BENQ 36992)
PI Failures: -55% (LG 633, BENQ 291)
Jitter Average: -21% (LG 9.57%, BENQ 7.65%)

That was the very first thing this burner had done so maybe it will get a bit better down the track.

What is better low PI errors or low PI failures?

Glad to see your new drive is performing as it should :slight_smile:

Low PIF. :slight_smile:

Some comments:

  1. BHCH firmware: you may have odd issues with it. In case you encounter problems you can try BCDC or BCIC (if you [I]don’t[/I] encounter problems, no need to do so :disagree: ).

  2. Scanning speed: personally I find nothing wrong in scanning @12X for your personal use. That’s what I do too as I find it has several advantages. Just be aware that [I]you can’t, though, compare your 12X scans to 8X scans posted on this forum[/I], as the scanning speed changes the PIE/PIF figures in many instances (depending on the discs), mainly near the end of the burn (obviously).

Happy burning :slight_smile:

Yeah thanks for that, I just switched to the new BCIC firmware to see what would happen for interests sake. Can’t really compare this result with the BCHC because I’ve used TYG02 media this time… still not bad but not as good as the MCC 003.

Similar to my first result with TYG02.
Try with SB-ON - that helped my a lot.
See my scan here