BENQ DW1650 problem

hi guys anad gals,

Ive had a dw1650 running fine in my pc for months then all of a sudden it just stopped reaeding blank dvds or cd’s but it will play originals fine, so it is recognising both dvd and cd format.
I contacted benq and they told me that this dvd writer must be set as the secondary master, so to avoid possible conflicts i removed my cd writer and updated the firmware to the latest BCIC version.
It still wont read the discs.
Oddly though in My Computer it displays as a cd drive and when you click properties it displays as full all in blue but with 0 bytes.
I even tried a clean install of windows xp sp2,
Checked the bios to make sure the DW1650 is recognised.
Checked hardware settings for conflicts and checked all cables and jumpers are correct.
Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated as I have completely ran into a brick wall with this one.

philly… :doh:

Sorry to hear about your problems. :sad:

For further troubleshooting get Nero InfoTool. Unpack to folder of choice, execute.
Click floppy symbol at top of app. Save that .txt file and post it in “#” [ CODE] tags, remove any serial nr.