BENQ DW1650 problem

I’ve had the BENQ for just a few days and this problem has been there since new. I’ve upgraded the firmware to BCIC but it made no difference.

I am trying to install an application from DVD and the drive slows down and then stops working at the same point in the installation each time. The application has installed with no problems on another computer.

Any helpful ideas would be appreciated.


Hi ssmith and welcome to the forum.

What kind of DVD are you using? (e.g. pressed one, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW). And is it in good condition (without fingerprints/scratches/dirt etc.)? Not all drives will be able to read it succesfully if it’s an old or low quality burn, or a scratched original.

The DVD is a brand new purchased application. Plus I have installed it on another PC in my home and it worked perfectly. I eventually copied the install files from the DVD to a network folder and then moved them to my new PC. It then installed correctly. But I shouldn’t have to do this.