BenQ DW1650 not recognised

I went out today and bought a BenQ DW1650 dvd burner, i have had dvd burners before but for some reason when i connect it, windows thinks its not there! I then tried it on my other computer (a HP pavilion 564a)… same thing happened. anything i could try??

p.s I tried it first on a dell 1100

have you set the jumper correctly?

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Yep, jumper it to either master or slave, just how you have connected it.

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Sounds like jumper settings to me too.
Mist of the BenQ’s 1650’s I’ve seen have been set to slave. If this is the case try setting to master. See here.

thanks guys! it works now, i had to put in a jumper (lol i didnt even have one) and set up the master and slave on the setup screen.

thanks again