BenQ DW1650 not detected on XP SP2

I just received my new drive but XP isn’t recognizing it.

Previous drive was a Pioneer 106D but I don’t think that would have something to do with it.

Does the BenQ DW1650 require a different kind of cable or would this be a defective drive? (The CD tray opens and closes without a problem)

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a cable problem to me, or maybe your PSU isnt good enough.

I doubt it’s my PSU because I had another DVD drive installed before I mounted the DW1650.

Could it be anything else? The 1650 is connected on the master connection of the IDE cable

Hi :slight_smile:
Check 1650 jumper setting. It sounds like this is set to slave.

is the jumper also on master position?

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Try to uninstall the IDE Controller that the drive is connected to from Device Manager of Windows XP then reboot your competr and let the window reinstall the controller back and so the drive.

It was the jumper setting; it was set to slave so i changed it.

Thanks for your help guys

My 1650 also came defaulted set to the slave position.

for those who couldn’t tell, the middle jumper setting is slave :slight_smile: and mine came defaulted to slave as well.

FWIW, both my 1640 and 1620 came
with the jumpers set to slave.
It pays to check. :bigsmile:

hey folks,
im having that same problem. i set the pins to master. so now its on 0 master. and its still not working. the device manager doesnt even show it. is it a software problem, cuz i bought it w/ a computer and i dont have any disks. plz help

Hi and welcome!

if the drive is not recognized, then there is probably a harware problem. Double check jumpers and cables. Also, some drives do not like being connected to IDE0.

To sort out system issues, get a bootable CD and try booting from that.


thats the problem i dont have that cd. but ill try swithing it to IDE1 maybe thatll fix it. i mean it opens and closes perfectly fine. it just doesnt read. the thing is it worked perfectly fine before i reinstalled windows because of some startup problems. it was plugged into the same port and everything. if it fixes it ill ley y’all know
thx for the help

:confused: No bootable CD? Windows-CD? Knoppix? Kanotix? Something like that?

Sometimes I find that if I go into device manager and DELETE the IDE controllers and all attached devices (if appropriate), then reboot and let it re-find the hardware and that can fix it. Sometimes after that I re-install the motherboard drivers just to be sure and that may or may not be necessary.

yeah i have the windows cd. sorry i thought you meant the cd that came w/ the cd drive. what do i do w/ that?

Insert the CD, reboot your machine and boot from CD. You will be prompted to press a key, so watch out. Also make sure, that your BIOS setup is configured in a way that the system will “Boot from CD” at first.

Instead of a Windows-CD you may also try which is only 50MB in size. But you’ll need a working CD burner to create such a CD.


alright i did that and now it works again :bigsmile:
thanx a lot man
now i can play BF2 again
thx again

You’re very welcome. I’m glad it worked out.

Happy gaming, man! w00t!