BenQ DW1650, jumper and cable


I’m building my first computer and I’m having a problem with it. It’s a “SATA, Biostar TForce6100-939 Socket 939 Barebone Kit / AMD Athlon 64 3200+ OEM / 2x 512MB DDR PC3200 / CPU Fan / ATX Mid-Tower Case / 450 Watt Power Supply.”

All the parts are installed. I checked, double checked and even triple checked that all connectors were in the right ports.

I was ready to install Windows so I connected my monitor, keyboard and mouse. When I tried to open the DVD drive (BenQ DW1650), it wouldn’t open when I pressed the button so I couldn’t go any further.

I contacted the manufacturer about it, and explained how I connected it. I used the slave ribbon cable that came with my motherboard, connecting the blue end to the DVD drive and the black end into IDE1. The Master cable wouldn’t fit because it’s not wide enough. I was told to put a jumper on the pins in the next port. There are a total of 4 pins in that port. I don’t have any jumpers so she’s going to send me one. My first question is, do you think that using the jumper will solve the problem of the DVD drive not working?

I was also told that I shouldn’t use the ribbon cable that came with the hard drive and recommended that I buy a cable on-line. So my second question is, do you think that a new ribbon cable will make a difference?


The blue end of the IDE cable MUST go on the motherboard into IDE1. That could be your first mistake.

Try that & then see what happens.