BenQ DW1650 is now available in Los Angeles

Good news: One of the distributors has received 5700+ grey OEM and 4300+ black OEM drives today, all in the L.A. warehouse. Both colors are priced at $38. Give online retailers like a couple of days to reflect availability, and get ready to order yours next week.

sweet, when will retail be available?

Don’t know, but doesn’t look like anytime soon, since it’s not listed yet. [Newegg may get some retail drives independently.]

If they have in warehouse then why don’t they put it in the market?.

They just arrived, so it’s up to retailers to notice availability and set a price. The distributor would be more than happy to get rid of all of them tomorrow. 10,080 is a lot of drives.

Grey drives? Or do you mean beige?

open season on the new Benq dw1650 :clap: …over priced but I’m sure you can get it cheaper somewhere else.

55 $ is about 48 €. Roughly the same price like in Germany. Taxes included.


BenQ lists the color name as COOLGREY, but it is close to the official beige color.

$55 is way, way overpriced, especially with additional shipping cost. Given the $38 distributor price and abundant supply, most online prices should settle in the $38-42 range very soon.

Taxes included?
That would be only 35€ here. No chance to get an up-to-date drive for that money.
These are online prices in Germany (including taxes, shipping not included):
1 € is about 1,15-1,20 US$


That is the good news Agent thanks.

DW1650 inventory in the L.A. warehouse:

Monday morning: 5760 beige, 4320 black.
Monday night: 5399 beige, 3869 black.

361 beige, 451 black sold. Not bad for one day.

lets hope newegg was the

I just might have to order one now… $36.50 on this site…

Anybody done business with this company?

Apparently, nobody who cared to tell about it:

Thanks agent009. I guess I’ll give Newegg a few more days. :bigsmile:

If you didn’t order soon after this post you’ll have to
pay 6 bucks more. They just raised the price to $42.34
plus shipping.

I got distracted when I saw something shiny and forgot to order, lol…

I’ll probably just wait for newegg to get it as well. Should be any day now, I think…