Benq DW1650 good for scanning?



Is the Benq DW1650 a good drive for scanning?




how will we ever know if they don’t let us try it!


I agree rbrtpl, if they are not going to release this drive in the USA, then alot of us will not be able to see. I guess you could always get the 1655 and flash the 1650 firmware but that would be a waste of money and a nice Lightscribe feature, not that I use Lightscribe that much but its nice to have for Personal DVDs, like I made a DVD of my Son Little league games and burned the team picture on the disc, it came out great. But for movies I just use a sharpie.


Does anybody know why dw1650 has not been released in the US yet ? We’ve had in Canada for a while now , and was released in Europe before us …
I don’t believe it 's because they want to get rid of the DQ60 , we got those too …

And to answer original question yes , bud of mine has one and it’s comparable to my DW1640 for scanning …


Is this possible using BQflasher? Is there any benefit to the 1650 firmware?

BenQ keeps telling me the 1650 is in the US but I have yet to see one either.


Yes it is possible to crossflash 1655 to 1650 using BQFlasher but you will loss the LightScribe feature and warranty. :wink: Flashing back will regain the Lightscribe.

To answer the topic, yes the DW1650 is good for scanning, just like other BenQ drives (1620/40/55).


Any reason to get DW1655 or even DW1670 instead of DW1650 other than LS?


in germany the dw1650 is €6 cheaper than the dw1655. i would get the 1655 as it’s not bad to have lightscribe. maybe i want to test it some day…