BenQ DW1650 for a 1625?

I recently ordered a Benq DW1650 and they sent me a DW1625 lightscribe worth an extra $50 over here in New Zealand. Should I keep the DW1625? Though I heard lots of problem with dual writing with it. Or should I send it back for the DW1650. Whats annoying is that I’ll have to fork out another $10 to send it back!!!

You do’nt have solid burn on that drive, but ive never had bad burn’s with this drive. When you are not using lightscribe, then go for the 1650. This will give you more support!

It’s a couple generations old, and only supports DVD-R to 8x. I guess if you’re mainly gonna burn +R, it’s acceptable.

I never had a coaster using my 1625 but the burns were from OK to crappy. I ended up replacing it with a 1655. I’d send back the 1625.

Cool thanks

Yes I would exchange with 1650 (or 1655). The 1625 is released more than a year ago and its latest firmware update was 31 August 2005.

I just bough a HP 640C a week ago, flashed to BBIA 1625. Burn a few and here are my results: Burn DVD+R’s are excelent on MCC003, MCC004, YudenT02, CMC MAG E01, ProdiscR05, RitekR03. However like you hear, DVD+R DL sucks, very high error. Burned a MKM01 (only 2.4X support) and it freezed on my Sony DVD player. For DVD-R, the 1625 doesn’t even recognize the disc.

I think this result agree with others.

got 1625 never burned dl’s but Sony DVD-R 1-8x work just fine on it.