BenQ DW1650 Dual Layer Burning



I’ve ordered a BenQ DW1650 (have not received it yet, though) and I’ve been looking in the forums for info on this drive. Several places I’ve seen comments about Dual Layer burning on this drive. Does the BenQ DW1650 have som Dual Layer burning issues ?


The BenQ 1650/1655 with current firmware can only burn the 2.4x rated Verbatim media (MKM 001) at 2.4x while other drives burn this media at 4x, 6x or even 8x.

It’s possible to change this by modifying the firmware with MCSE and swap strategies with the 8x rated Verbatim media (MKM 003).

People are disappointed that BenQ doesn’t support writing this media faster than 2.4x with standard firmware!


I read in a private review the following :

Watch the Burn speed. This drive,just like the 1640 performs better at faster speeds. 8x and 12x scans are way better than the 4x. Do not burn 2.4x speed with this drive. Too many crc errors.

Since its a private review, I assume that it can be “not correct”. It doesn’t say anything about which media used ect. But I was wondering if the Verbatim burns at 2.4x on the BenQ DW1650 is of good quality? I do not mind the 2.4 limit on Verbatim DL, but I hope the burn is of good quality. Anyone have a Verbatim DVD+ DL burn @ 2.4x and a quality scan of the burned dvd ? It would be nice to know this, because of the high cost of DL disc, which makes burning just for testing a bit to expensive


Here’s a QS=95 on MKM001 at 2.4X using unmodified BCGB firmware.
QS=85, maxed out at 6x using MSCE on the same firmware.

Or, even better, read the whole thread on BenQ 1655 DL scans and see a variety of burns with both the 1650 and 1655, using mulitple firmware, speeds, and strategies.

The summary: you can get decent to good burns on MKM001 with the 1650 and 1655 at 2.4X using stock firmware, decent to good burns at 2.4 and 4X using MSCE to modify the firmware to use the MKM003 strategy to write MKM001 discs. Burns at 6X and above are hit and miss.