BenQ DW1650 Burns -R OK, but has problems with +R

OK, so just recently, I bought the Norwood internal drive that was on sale at CompUSA for $30. I flashed it with BQflasher (voiding the warranty) and the official BCDC firmware from BenQ. When burning a Verbatim -R (MCC03) at 8x with the BenQ, there aren’t any apparent problems reading it back with the BenQ.

However, when burning a Sony branded +R (Yuden T002) with the BenQ and reading it back with the BenQ, it struggles toward the end.

Just to make sure it was a burning problem and not a readback problem, I burned a Sony branded +R (Yuden T002) from the same batch with my Pioneer 111L and read it back with the BenQ. No problems.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it? I thought DVD burners wrote -R and +R discs with the same laser. The obvious solution would be to just use the Pioneer drive for +R. But it’d be nice if this one would work too, since it’s a new drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Run a ‘disc quality’ test in CD-DVD Speed (at 8x) and post the result here (you could also additionally run a test at 16x and post that as well). It may help to indicate what the problem is. And uncheck the ‘quick scan’ box so you do a full scan. You could also try a transfer rate test of the disc in your Pioneer drive - my Benq drives are sometimes quite sensitive when reading at maximum speed and slowing down to even 12x is usually enough to overcome any slowdowns that occured at maximum speed.

Disc Quality test. It’s not too bad, but not as impressive as others on this board. After all, it’s Yuden T02, which is arguably the best media IN THE WORLD.

Good idea. Pioneer drive doesn’t appear to have any problems with it.

I also have a Lite-On drive that I didn’t mention earlier, that I was using externally. I moved the Lite-on into the computer, and shifted the BenQ into the external case. I then did a scan on the same disc on the Lite-On.

Same thing. Good scan, but not what you should expect from Yuden T02 media.

Then I burned two more +R with the Pioneer drive and scanned with the Lite-On, and was more than pleased with the results.

I think I’ll just keep burning DVDs with the Pioneer. After all, the scans are better AND the drive auto-bitsets DVD+R and double layer discs to DVD-ROM. The BenQ I still can use to rip DVDs, since it’s one of the few that can read double-layer at 12x. And the Lite-On I can use for scanning.

scoobiedoobie, thank you for your help. :slight_smile:


keep your Litey externally, as Benq sucks with external enclosures.


I have the same drive and got an ugly scan on Yuden DVD- TY02 media with the stock Norwood firmware (Q-Suite WOPC not available with stock firmware). I may try to X-flash to BCIC and use WOPC to see if this helps.

BCIC is the latest 1650 FW. Links to other versions: ;
BTW, SRG, are you using the Q-Suite utilities with your drive? ;