BENQ DW1650 BCIC and Intact media

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1650. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I have recently bought some Intact Dual layer DVD’s. Media type is CMC MAG-D03-064.

I originally had BCDC firmware, and could not get a successful burn. Nero would fail very shortly after creating DVD borders or something like that.

Qscan would fail after getting less than half way with a message saying “Not supported by firmware…”

So I downloaded BCIC firmware, and now my 1650 doesn’t even detect that the media has been inserted. I have tried several other firmware versions too and have had no luck.

When I flashed my drive I simply ran the BCIC.exe file from normal windows mode. I have seen others using safe mode, or this BQflasher…whats that all about, and would it make a difference in my case.

Anyone had similar experience, or now how I can solve the problem…it would be greatly apreciated…

Many thanks


I’m not sure that media is supported in the firmware. Open up BCDC and BCIC in MCSE and see if CMC MAG-D03 is even listed. I don’t have them handy here to look.

Thanks Bob,

I know that in BCDC it is not listed, and I even tried to import it with DVD reader…but it still didnt work.

BCIC it is listed by default as a supported media…so…???

So now all media isn’t recognized after flashing to BCIC? Did you reboot after flashing?

My single layer DVD’s are deteced fine…its just the dual layer ones Im having troubles with.

Yep, I did reboot after the upgrade.

Let me save you some trouble. BUY VERBATIM DUAL-LAYER MEDIA! The BenQ DW1640 and DW1650 drives do not burn non-Verbatim DL media that well. I know, because I’ve tried it personally. You must use Verbatim DL media with your BenQ, period.

Well since he bought these DL anyway, why not buy a cheap $20 LG or Samsung and burn them?

But yeah, Benq burns Verbatims so well it’s mindblowing

I had some CMC MAG DL discs I can’t remember wich ones exactly but the ones I got were horrible my BenQ 1650 refused to burn them I tried all the firmwares… then I crossflashed and used the latest BenQ 1655 firmware and it burned them…succesfully but with a few minutes to intalise (the lead in) and the sounds my BenQ 1650@1655 made were HORRIBLE…, I WILL NOT TOUCH THESE DISCS WITH A 10 FOOT POLE.
Verbatim or if you want to use cheap discs use Arita 2.4 x (Ritek D01)