BenQ DW1650 BCDC Quality Scan problem

Have recieved and installed the BENQ DW1650 BDCD and burned a dvd-movie with DVD Decrypter. The burning went well, but when I trie to do a Quality Scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed the program freezed and the whole system hangs. I’ve tried other dvd’s ofcourse, and I’ve tried the CD/DVD Speed that comes with the drive and the latest version (4.51.1). They both freeze and killing the tread doesn’t help. Have to do a cold boot each time I’ve tried.

Anyone else had this problem ?

No problems here. Maybe flashing the drive with the latest firmware (BCHC) solves the problem. You can get the firmware here :

Just note that there have been mixed opinions about BCHC, some users have already flashed back to BCFC… If you want to flash to something newer than the initial BCDC, better go for BCFC.

You’r right about the (BCHC) cyberman, I had real problems with it as have others, went back to BCDC.