Benq DW1650 and Verbatim Pastel CD-R

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with my Benq 1650 (BCIC) and the Verbatim Pastel CD-R.
Burned with Nero at 16x about 150 cds and 50 failed (burn process failed…) and about 10 with a 0 score quality (Nero cd speed).

All colors are concerned except blue (very good burn with this color)
Otherwise it’s ok with Verbatim Super Azo (no failures) and dvds.
I have already read the other topics about that kind of problem but i didn’t find any solution.

Maybe this firmware causes problems ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi and Welcome!

Verbatim Pastel are normally excellent media. They all should do fine with your drive.
I doubt, this is a firmware issue - in that case, all discs would be coasters.
Are the bad discs from the same spindle?
Or could this be a thermal issue? For example, if you burn 5 discs in a row, the 6th is bad?


Hi and thank you Michael.

It’s really strange.

Otherwise, i want to buy another burner which supports disc quality scanning.
Are you satisfied with your Lite-On SHM-165P6S ?

Benq DVD writers are terrible for CD burning . . . you should use a good CD burner instead. I use a Benq 1640 for my DVDs and a Plex Premium for my CDs. That way I know I’m getting good burns (good media being imperative, of course). But I also had quite a few coasters using Verbatim Pastels . . . even using the Plextor. I also noticed that some colors seemed to be better than others . . . thought I had a so-so batch. Strange.

My two BenQ DW1655 are very good to excellent at burning (high quality) CD-R media.

mines fine too.

As are my 1640 and 1655. Haven’t tried any CD-Rs on my 1620, although I doubt it’s much different.


I was not happy with the abilities of the Sony/Liteon with TY CD-R. They had broken this with some newer firmware. Maybe they have fixed this with the latest firmware, maybe they have not. I didn’t try. My best drive for TY CD-R is my good old LG 4163, the 4167 isn’t worse:) Then there comes the Benq.
For scanning CD media, Liteon DVD writers are practically useless.

I would always prefer the Benq over any Liteon, if CD media have to be handled.

Just an idea: Flash your drive with BCDC firmware, maybe this helps.


About my second burner, it’s not only because of this problem.
I need a good DL burner and if at the same time it’s a good cd burner and supports disc quality scanning, it’s better :bigsmile: .

Well, as already said: Liteon DVD-writers are not the best CD writers, and useless as CD scanner. But it should be a good companion to your Benq drive.


I think the companion will be a Pioneer DVR-111 even if it’s not a good scanner.