BenQ DW1650 and default burn test

I ordered my 1650 the day they were introduced on newegg so I’ve had an opportunity to use all the different combinations recommended on this site using Qsuite, My disc quality tests ran between 95 and 97with only one test hitting 98.

Today I used the EEprom clean tool on the learned media, and set Qsuite to it’s default settings.

I’m using Ty T02 disc’s and used decrypter, shrink and imgburn set at 8x to burn a full movie with a disc quality score of 99.

I think BenQ put the best settings for quality burns right out of the box, as long as you have quality disc’s.

I have used a variety of media with my 1650 and for me, the best settings depend on a number of things.

The T02’s I currently have burn best with SolidBurn on and WOPC off, where as the previous batch did better with WOPC on.

MCC 004 and MCC03RG20 are manufactured in several different factories and best quality may be achieved with different settings on the same MID.

It’s good that you have found the right settings for your T02’s but don’t assume that the next batch you buy will give identical results. :disagree: