BenQ DW1650 and CDRWIN 4.0C

I still use CDRWIN 4.0C for making ISO’s…and went from LiteOn to BenQ and purchased the DW1650…but was not supported yet by CDRWIN 4.0C…however I contacted John at Goldenhawk and he told me how to add support for this DW1650…but the following:

Make sure you are using the latest 4.0C version of our software or this
will not work

create a text file in the CDRWIN folder and rename it devices.def and in
that file copy and past this information into that file.

“DVD DD DW1650” 0x1019

there shoud be 21 spaces in between the last " and the Hex Code.

Make sure that the spaces are all there and it is exactly how it is posted
here. After you do that make sure it is in the c:/Program Files/CDRWIN
folder or the main folder were the Program files are located. and that it
is called devices.def then reboot the machine.

We have done this with other drives and it should work fine as long as it
will see it properly.

didnt paste right…but “DVD DD DW1650”<21 spaces>0x1019

Haven’t used CDRWIN for years now, so i can’t help you with that. For me there are much better programs for image creation and burning. You can create iso and nrg images with Nero, (using the Nero image recorder), and also enjoy many other features that are part of the Nero suite and are not available within CDRWIN. If you strictly want a program to make disc images, look no further than UltraISO. It allows you to create and burn all sorts of image files, (bin/cue, mds/mdf, nrg, iso etc.), it’s cheap to buy, easy to use, and updated frequently. And no, I don’t work for any of these companies :disagree: I just use these programs and they cover my image creation/burning needs more than adequately. Hope this helps.

WoW, I love that software, the last time I used it it was version 3.0 So I guess I haven’t used that software since I gave away my playstation one. I was thinking of using it again for audio recording. For imaging creation, there are a few free softwares out there you can use. I believe that DVD Decrypter can do CDR image so give it a shot. If you have cloneCD use that but you dont have to purchase it since there are so many free ISO softwares out there, just browse around and you will find a few good and simple to use image creator.

For audio ripping/recording, I’d look no further than Exact Audio Copy… In my opinion it beats all other audio ripping software.

why would you use EAC? You will loose all the bell and whistle of the pure digital audio. EAC converts the track into MP3, which does not have the twinkles of the music as comparing to the original source if you have high end audio system. Might as well burn the audio from MP3 source if I were to use EAC. Even MP3 at 320 kbitrates, a bit muffle comparing to the original CD

I never convert to MP3. I use EAC to rip images of my Audio CDs which I can later burn, this way I never use my originals for playback. The reason I use EAC is its advanced options for each individual drive, (which most other mainstream programs can’t match), and it’s also freeware…

been looking for this solution…! thanks [B]jroc[/B]
works fine for me on GoldenHawk CDRWIN 4.0D :slight_smile:

"DVD DD DW1650"                     0x1019