BenQ DW1650 a good ripper?

I plan to get a 1650 soon and am wondering what kind of ripper it is. I’d like to install it with a Pioneer 111D in a system I need a good ripper in. But the 111D appears to have riplock and is a very poor ripper.

I have both of those very same Dvd burners in a system I just built and they work good together. You should crossflash the Pioneer to a 111L and remove the riplock with Mediacodespeededit. For details on this just look in the Asus/Pioneer Forum. I actually
use the Pioneer more than the Benq, it seems to burn my TY TO2’s better.

The BENQ 1650 is a excellent ripper. I only use my dvd burners to rip if there is a disc that cannot be read back by my dvd-roms. I’d rather rip with a dvdrom than wear out the dvd burner. :wink:

111,110 are good to go with the DB FW. BQs since the 1640 seem to be doing very well. I love my 1640.

Personally I’d recommend the 1655 for ripping.

Why? It is the same drive other then Lightscribe support.

Thanks for the info. It sounds as if the 1650 will work well for ripping. Once my setup is complete, I’ll have three burners (BenQ 1650, Pioneer 111D and Liteon 160P6S) and one DVD-ROM (ASUS E616A2) split between two systems. The ASUS is a terrific ripper, but I really want the 1650 and 111D in my main system.

The 111D has the potential to become almost as good a ripper as the Benq 1650 if you are willing to crossflash it to a 111L and remove the riplock with mediacodespeededit. I
can understand if you are hesitant to do this for warrantee purposes but when your warantee expires it does work quite well.

That horse is already out of the barn! :wink:

My 111D has been flashed with TDBs 8.25. Wonder if Mediacodespeededit will work with that?

Just found the answer from ala42. 111D 8.25 and 111L 8.26 aren’t supported yet, but probably will be by the next version within a few days.

Thanks for calling this to my attention, budzos.

I am also waiting for mediacodespeededit to support 8.25, but the previous buffalo
firmware works quite well currently and ala42 is always on the ball with his updates. In case you read this thread ala42 thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciatted.