Benq Dw1640

That looks okay… :slight_smile:

Please keep all your questions in one thread. Members not knowing you also post the same issue in BenQ/Philips forum will have problem follow your troubleshooting.

oh ya, sorry :p…would u happen to have a solution to my problem tho? thanks

The best thing I can thin to do is try diffrent media (like some verbatim 16x+r). If it burns fine at 16x, then It is most liklly just the way the firmware is telling the drive to burn it. you could try diffrent firmware versions, mabe look for modified firmware. All in all though, if it works at 16x with other media, I would just burn what you have of the ricohjpnr03 (you are only loosing about a minute between 12x and 16x), and if its really bothers you, don’t get any more of that media. As long as it is burning good at 12x though, at least the media doesn’t go to waste. Trying diffrent 16x media that is good quality would be the best way to further trouble shoot that I can think of.

thanks for ur reply :)…and ya, i had an old batch of RITEK 04s lying around so i decided to try them out. the scans are below:
thanks again for ur reply :slight_smile:

So did the ritek burn at 16x? Here is something funny, I just ran across a thread with a pioneer where the ritek would only burn at 12x on a pioneer. I think some of these drives just don’t have full support for 16x or something.

ic…thanks for the link :), but isnt the 1640 a newer drive also w/ newer fw? in theory, it should recognize more media and burn w/ better quality rite? thanks :slight_smile: