Benq Dw1640

hi i was just wondering if the light on the 1640 is supposed to remain on anytime there is media (DVD) inserted. also, i can only burn at 12x using 16x media (RICOHJPN R03). any ideas? btw, this was originally a Sony DRU-810A. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I cannot say for sure on the light thing as mine is not currently installed, but if I remember right it does stay on (I found the operation of the light kind of anoying).

As far as the media, do you mean that it doesn’t burn well at 16x or it doesn’t even allow burning at 16x? If it doesn’t allow burning at 16x, my guess would be benq decided it was not good enough quality media to burn at 16x and or it just burned much beter at 12x, so they wrote the firmware to only allow max of 12x with it. Ricohjpnr01 is top notch media, ricohjpnr02 is good but not top quality like ricohjpnr01. ricohjpnr03 is the worst of them all. It’s not crap or anything but it is certainlly not top quality media. If it burns good at 12x, I would be happy with it because in a couple of diffrent burners, it burned ok but not quite good (by my standards) at 16x. Thats my opinion about its quality but I have heard the same from others.

Yes, the light stays on when there is a disc in the drive.

And as for the “16x” media only burning up to 12x, obviously the drive doesn’t deem it good enough to go above 12x.

It’s best to burn at 4x or lower anyway.

even with 16x selected, i cannot write at 16x… :frowning: …not sure what the issue is. thanks for the reply :). ant other suggestions tho?

hm…i would also tend to agree with you on the 16x to 12x that but the pdf on the site says that it can write RICOHJPN R03 @16x :confused: any other input? thanks again for the replies :slight_smile:

The only other thing that I can think of besides it being intentional by benq is maybe your dma settings are incorect. If you are running pio (which can be misidentified as dma2 by windows), your burn speed will top out at around 10x-11x. It could be that your drive is only marginally (and possibly with reduced speed and more errors) burning at 12x if your dma settings are off.

dma2…isnt that enough? IIRC, dma2 = 33MB/s and 16x write speed is like 22MB/s. :confused: thanks :slight_smile:

this is a compeltely ignorant response.

whose to say what is best on each individual drive with different types of media?

if you’re making generalizations, it is actually “best” to burn at the rated speed of the media or a notch lower if you want to err on the safe side.

most 16x media isn’t even supported at 4x or below…by burning at such low speeds you burner will use a generic write strategy that is probably not as well suited to the media ID as the write strategy that was designed for it and you end up with a poor quality burn.

i understand if you didn’t know, and I’d never jump on someone for having a question or being unsure about something, but please don’t disseminate false information as though it is fact.

mk, what firmware do you have on your 1640?

just flashed to the BSOB from the BENQ site. thanks :slight_smile:

Or maybe the ricoh discs were of subpar quality and something tipped off the drive that the disc shouldn’t be burned faster than 12x. Or maybe the settings have been changed and the documentation has not yet been brought up to date.

In any case, what’s the big deal? Do you really want to burn your discs at harmfully high speeds?

well…being rated @ 16x, i would like to be able to burn at that speed :p. thanks :slight_smile:

have you had solid burn on for your burns? try clearing the learned memory in qsuite and see if it speeds up.

what could have happened is that you had one disc that was so-so and the firmware “learned” this media as inferior and thus adjusted it’s write strategy thinking that the entire media code were not that great.

it usually takes a few discs before it will properly “learn” any given media, and this usually produces good results, but if it adjusts itself to a random poor disc then you can see how it will work in the opposite direction.

i hope this is the case because it’s probably the only suggestion i have that hasn’t been covered yet!

clearing the memory and leaving SB on will start it from a blank slate and allow it to relearn the media.

this is an understandable and reasonable expectation!

my 1640, however, burns better at 12x than 16x across ALL media types. i normally purposely set my 16x media to burn at 12x. Don’t get me wrong…the discs have NEVER had a playback issue. always perfect playback, it’s the scans I compare (because i’m a nerd)

you should, however, have the right to choose and not have that decision made for you!

hopefulyl we’ll get this worked out and you can burn a few at each speed, do some scans, and see what works best for you.

ill try that…another question tho…isnt the media info supposed to be the same no matter what drive u scan it on? i noticed that the info displayed is different for the exact same DVD under the RAW data heading: one shows ADIP info, and the other, which i am used to seeing, shows ‘physical data info’. any ideas? thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

you lost me…

i just pu ta burned disc in my drive and fired up nero cd-dvd speed (is this the program you’re using?)

directly below “RAW DATA” it says “Physical Format Information (00h)”

if it’s ever said anything different I certainly haven’t noticed…and I’m not sure I WOULD have even noticed…

i’ll keep on eye on that section from now on though haha

The only thing which could speed a little bit up the burn is switching off WOPC in QSuite,
anyways SB on or off the drive should recognize it!

i’ve posted screenshots of them here :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to learn the hard way that wasn’t true. My transfer rates were choking at a little over 10x and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. I finally found out, single word dma mode 2 is 8.3 MB/s (same as pio mode 2), multiword dma mode 2 is 16.7 MB/s (same as pio mode 4). I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but it turned out that while windows was reporting dma mode 2 (not udma mode 2 which is 33.3MB/s), and windows was set to use dma if possible, it was set to pio in the bios and was reporting running in pio mode during the startup screen. I guess that windows only looks at the speed or something as it can report dma when it is in fact running pio.

Try a burst rate test in cdspeed to tell for sure what speed you are getting. Fyi here is a link to info on the diffrent dma modes.
and pio modes

thanks for the links :)…well, the burst rate test is below