BenQ DW1640 & Yuden T01 problem :sad:

Is a firmware or bad media problem?
All options are defaults in Qsuite. Thanks!

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Is this since you have switched to BSOB? Also is it only on that one disc? If it is then it looks like a media defect to me, check on the underside of the disc for any problems.

A little hint:

When saving your scans in CD-Speed its much easier to click the floppy-disk icon in the top right of the cd-speed window (to the left of the minimize button). Save the Image as a PNG (has better quality than jpeg + smaller size).

Yes, I have switched to BSOB, I’d same problem when I have switched to BSLB and I have burned same media (Yuden T01). Thanks

The 1640 isnt a very good TYG01 burner. Search for bigmike7 thread where he was having the same problems with the ty media on the 1640

My guess would be that the BSHB firmware had a good write strategy for Yuden000-T01 media but from BSLB on, it just uses the default 4x strategy. Older firmwares aren’t necessarily inferior, they just support older medias. If you go back to BSHB, you lose SolidBurn (I think) but gain a better writing strategy for that particular media.

would swapping the write stratedy for the T01 with T02 in media code speed edit produce bette results i wonder…

the firmware supports the 8x TYs at 4x, and they’d probably even give a nice burn at 8x still.

i don’t have any 4x media handy to give it a try, but that’s also worth thing about

I can agree with ftp1020 to this point, but…

I think reasonsnotrules suggestion is worth to try, before flashing back to older firmware.

Make write strategy swap YUDEN000-T01–>T02 in MCSE. Enable SolidBurn for both known and unknown media, burn at 8x.
Give drive time (2-3 discs) to learn propper write strategy. :wink:

Thanks! My BenQ 1640 original firmware is BSHB: this firmware not support Yuden T01 but write well , the older BSGB support Yuden T01 (4x) at 4x,8x and 12x!!! Reflash with BSHB or with the older BSGB?