Benq dw1640 & wopc

I have BenQ 1640 with latest firmware version BSRB (but I have same problem with all previous versions, starting since I bought the drive and installed firmare version BSOB).

Currently I am burning “DVD-R TYG02 1-16x SPEED”. When I am burning .iso or .img files on a disk the result seems fine and my external DVD player plays the movie fine.

However when I try to copy the disk I burned, most times I am getting error after 70 – 80%. When I insert the disk in order to copy its contents to my hard disk and then burn them separately, again there is an error “Cyclic Redundancy Check” near the end of the copy procedure.

The only way to overcome the errors seems that is to disable the “WOPC” through QSuite version 2.1
Each time I disable WOPC the burning seems slightly faster, the external DVD player plays smoothly the DVD and the copy on the fly works flawlessly as well as the copy disk contents to the hard disk. The problem is that after every system restart the WOPC resets itself to “enabled” and many times I forget to disable it.

Do you have any comments/advises on this?

Also the burning of a 4.3GB .iso or .img file from a hard disk to a DVD-R TY02 takes max 6 minutes.
The “copy on the fly” procedure of this disk to an identical disk takes about 12 minutes (double time). Is this normal?


Have you tried back flashing to BSLB?

Might be worth a try.

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The problem you’re experiencing with WOPC is actually quite common. The problem isn’t particularly f/w related although one f/w may well suit your media better than another. Resulting in a reduction of this type of error. With WOPC enabled the drive pauses for as millisecond while assesing the quality of the write. Hence the now familiar dips seen when using CD/DVDSpeed to create a disc. Generally on play back there’s no problem. However on trying to back up the back up for whatever reason, these pauses can ocassionally been seen (depending on reader/media), resulting in error reporting.
With quality media I always disable WOPC. Not only can it affect quality but the > 30 sec decrease on time taken to burn is typical. (No [or very little] pausing.)
With + media WOPC can be turned off. With - media this turning off is not complete, though vastly reduced.

The on the fly bit needs more info input from you before it can be discussed.

Thanks for both replies.

WOPC: if I understand you correct my problem is common and not have to worry. So I can use e.g. Autohotkey to write a small script to disable WOPC on each system boot. As I have hundreds of these DVDs left, this appears to be the only solution when I use these DVDs, correct?

On the fly: two identical disks “DVD-R TYG02 1-16x SPEED”, using alcohol 120% copy wizard, the source disk is a full DVD about 4.3GB. The source DVD drive is TEAC DV-W516D, with latest firmware (1.18) and the DVD recorder is BenQ 1640 with latest firmware version (BSRB).

Question: do you verify after burning? I mean, can a disc give a CRC error if it is verified OK?

As Sublime sings "The WOPC C c C la da it sucks ya ya la de da!!

I don’t verify after burning but I will try this and also to downgrade to BSLB.

It seems that WOPC sucks and I will disable it for good. I did a search and I read that its not possible disabling permanently.