BenQ DW1640 won't read/write CDs

I have a Norwood-branded DW1640 that I bought about a month ago. I flashed it to firmware BSLB. It works great for burning DVDs using CloneDVD, and it also reads DVDs fine.

The problem I disovered recently is that it won’t burn CDs using Nero (my 1620 still does this with no trouble). The 1640 also won’t read even pressed CD-ROMs. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

I should also add that both the 1640 and 1620 are set to “cable select” in the jumper settings. Would I be better off going “master” and “slave” instead?


Anybody have any idea about this issue? I changed my 1620 to be master and my 1640 to be slave.

Still, I can’t burn CD’s on the 1640 using the latest version of Nero. The 1640 burns DVDs using CloneDVD + AnyDVD just fine. Any idea why it won’t read or burn CDs???


Any idea why it won’t read or burn CDs???
Dead laser. No repair possible.