Benq DW1640 vs. DW1655



Some rebadges of these have been on sale for 30 and 40 dollars respectively. The obvious difference is lightscribe ability.

I have read some reviews, but was looking to hear the quick and dirty on the major differences from a users perspective. Such as what each excells at, etc…

I heard the 1640 isn’t as good at dual layer burning, but being a newbie I’m not sure how significant that is. It seems it would be quite important to be able to use both layers of data.

Thanks all!


If the BenQ DW1655 is the same thing as the Plextor PX-755, then it also lacks the ability to copy “copy-protected” CD’s.

(I already know that the PX-740 is a rebadged DW1640.)


Well, I better check into that. I knew they had trouble ripping some games, but I didn’t know CD’s was a problem. Could that be changed with firmware?

Maybe the 1640 is the way to go, not sure yet.


I have both of these drives, and so far no major issues. Other than lightscribe, the only significant difference (at least for me) is that the 1640 burns Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs (media code TYG02) much better than the 1655. Also, if a rebadged drive, they come with OEM firmware, but can be crossflashed to retail firmware which provides capabiltiy to use error scanning in Nero CD/DVD speed and Benq’s QSuite tool to use solidburn/walking optimal power control/overspeed (tools to provide better burns and burning of discs higher than rated speed) capabilites if you are interested in that.

P.S. This thread probably belonged in the Benq forum, so don’t be suprised if it winds up there.


The PX-755 is a plextor built drive (pre-runner to the PX-760), not a rebadge.

The DW-1655 is a bug fixed version of the DW-1640. It has a newer chipset and enhanced stability. The DW-1655 does not have the 16x +R problems that the DW1640 has.

The 1655’s firmware is not as mature as the 1640’s so can still be beaten on quality in a few cases.

1640’s seem to be no longer made.


They may not be produced anymore, but the 1640 is widely available in rebadged versions such as Compusa brand, Sony 810A, and Norwood Micro by Compusa.

So far the only rebadged version of the 1655 that I know of is the I/O Magic with Lightscribe [U]and[/U] 8x DVD DL +R burning capabilites.


Thanks all. So should I ask for the thread to be moved? Sorry, I just saw under the newbie forum description that it said when asking for advice on which drive to get.

So the 1655 doesn’t have the problems burning copy protected CD’s as suggested?

Yeah, the I/O Magic is one that I was looking at because it can be had for around 40 with the current sale at Staples and a coupon.


i’m currently a owner of both drives in question (resident BenQ slut at your service:))

i only do dvd backups though so I can’t really vouch for cd or game copies, but i can say that they are both so good, it’s tough to choose which is better. I just purchased my 1655 today and i’m getting burns just as good as my 1640.

if you can’t find any info about cds and games to sway you to one side or the other, i’d be inclined to recommend the 1655. The main reason I bought mine was because I wasn’t sure how well the 1640 would be supported with firmware updates and whatnot now that the 1650 and 1655 are available.

Ben Q has shown no signs of giving up on the 1640 users (or even prior drives) but for the sale price at staples this week ($41 before tax for me) it can’t hurt to be safe :slight_smile:


Wow, current deal I see is 80 bucks minus 10 instant and 20 instant making it 50 and then adding the 10 off and/or the 12 percent off coupons if they allow stacking. Was the 41 dollar price at your local store?


good at every Staples location until the end of the week. there’s a $10 coupon, a 12% off coupon and you get $3 off if you have an empty ink cartridge to bring in.

check out the bargain basement subforum and this thread in particular for details on how to ensure you get the BenQ drive.


it was probably after one of those coupons :wink:


I haven’t had any problems burning anything with either drive. However, there is a nice little program called AnyDvd that will remove copy protection on the fly for DVD’s and CD’s. You may want to check it out at, they have a 21 day free trial for all their products.


Thanks for bringing this point up as I have a question about it.

I realize that people use a decrypting program for some stuff. However, in some of the reviews it seems to mention that for some type of game copyright protection the physical drive isn’t even able to read the disk, so this is what made me want to make sure the drive can read copy protected CD’s for backups.

I’m sure there are software ways around for just about everything, but if the drive can’t read a disk they won’t do you any good.


If the drive can read the disc for its intended purpose (watch a movie, listen to music, play a game) then it should have no problem reading it when attempting to make a backup of the same disc.

Some games have something that I believe is called Starforce (or something similar) that enforces digital rights management. You will be able to find out more about this in the copy protection forum located here.


I see what you are saying. Makes sense to me. NRen2k5’s comments gave me some concern, not sure of the trouble he had.

Starforce? Maybe Safedisk? I just looked up a review and saw that there was some problem with that protection. I swore I saw in a review that even reading some disks was really slow when ripping on some drives, not sure though.

How are these drives when burning dual layers? It seems that some drives have trouble with this, yet most drives now advertise dual layer ability. Seems a shame not to be able to use all the space.


Haven’t burnt any DL discs myself, but most users on either drive have the best success with Verbatim media. Stay away from Memorex DL discs, period!

Some drives have what is called “RipLock.” Basically if a disc is copy protected it makes ripping extremely slow. Neither Benq drive that you inquired about has this to my knowledge. (I can rip and compress a pressed DL DVD in about 12 minutes, and around 8 to burn a SL disc @ 8x).


Thanks for all the help.

I guess I will have to read up on the whole burning process as to why DL isn’t used more for DVD’s. I don’t want to take up this thread with that info since I haven’t read up first, I’m sure I’ll have more newbie questions after I read some more.


Single layer is still considerably cheaper per GB/disc, even A+grade discs can be found for an average of under .10 cents per GB. Dual layer is still over .20 cents per GB.

Some compression when backing up usually doesn’t hurt anyway, I have backed up several discs with nearly a 50% compression rate and haven’t noticed much, if any, quality loss.


Ah, the money factor, I haven’t priced media out yet. I will be soon, if I get a working 10 off coupon and go to Staples today.

Thanks for the help, seems like a good forum here.


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