BenQ DW1640 & SolidBurn - unmatchable combo in overspeed burning?

Thought I would collect my most amazing overspeed burns in a new thread - burns which AFAIK, no other burner can match. Well, if any other burner can do the same, pls let me know so I can acknowledge it in this thread.

Mitsubishi branded 2x DVD-R at 8x (400% overspeed)

Mitsubishi branded 4x DVD-R at 16x (400% overspeed)

LG branded ProdiscR03 DVD+R at 16x (200% overspeed)

TDK branded CMC MAG E01 8x DVD+R at 16x (200% overspeed)

Imation branded CMC AE1 8x DVD-R at 16x (200% overspeed)

Feel free to contribute your own “unmatched” overspeed burn scans here. :slight_smile:

Not too shabby at all.

Nice burns.

that’s what solidburn is there for

Yes, I think the burns are quite nice in themselves too.

However, that’s not the main aim of this thread else I can show you my series of 99 pointer burns. My contention is that none of these overspeed burns is achievable by any other burner presently AFAIK ie. SolidBurn does work and it really works very well indeed (not saying it is perfect though).


Heheh, I am waiting to see if anyone had ever successfully burned a nice 2x DVD-R or 2.4x DVD+R at 16x or perhaps a 1x@8x ie. to show a 800% overspeed burn without coastering.


1620 pro can overspeed them

Not to the same degree as the DW1640 and that’s where SolidBurn makes the difference, I am burning much less on my DW1620 these days. It’s a scanning burner more than anything now… never thought that day would come that quickly cos it has served me very well.

Must really try to source for a high quality 2x/2.4x media to shoot for a 16x (800% overspeed) burn, maybe a TY disc lying around anyone? :slight_smile:

Overspeed burning is overrated burning. What are we cdfreaks or speedfreaks?

May be to you but free speed is always welcome to me, it’s a joy to burn the 2x media at 8x shaving 20 mins of burn time and with high quality too. Similarly, I run my 2.4C@3.42 and my A64 3K 1.8@2.5 as well, definitely no HP boxes for me.

Perhaps, we can next talk about renaming CDFreaks to DVDFreaks too, no? :smiley:

My personal point: Quality is more important than speed. But If I can have both, I´ll take it :wink:

damned, i have no 4x/2,4x/2x media :disagree:

good luck, guys :flower:

How about discfreaks with the new formats on the way?
BTW all my 2X and 4X media was burned and filed on shelves a while back! Burning my current media @ 8X and 12X suits me just fine- as does my HP box @ 2.4.
At my age I tend to take things a bit slower…

I have some cheap 2x DVD-R discs around here somewhere, last time I scanned one it had the lowest focus & tracking error I have ever seen, FE less than 5 abd TE less than 10. Shame they are old CMC die.

When my 1640 arrives (tomorrow) I will give them a try and let you all know.

This has already been accomplished, one should search before making statements like this!!! I dont have any 2x or 2.4x media nor do I want any.

Plextor 8X DVD-R Multispeed burned @ 12x Quality Score 99% (TYG02)

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSLB
Disc: DVD-R (TYG02)
Selected speed: 6 X
PI errors
Maximum: 6
Durchschnitt: 1.01
Total: 6121
PI failures
Maximum: 2
Durchschnitt: 0.01
Total: 42
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 8.4 %
Durchschnitt: 7.45 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 11:41
Number of samples: 15596
Average scanning interval: 8.02 ECC
Glitches removed: 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

hi cranky, is that a stock firmware being used there? The above burns were done with unmodded firmware ie. achievable by any DW1640 out of the box (with SolidBurn enabled fw). And the emphasis is on the unmatched overspeeding capability of the burner, not the media - don’t think I can overspeed any 8x media 800% presently.

btw, really great burn there!

Strat was changed, but I assure you the Firmware is pure stock B7V9. LOL, those are some impressive burns you have also. Solidburn is a mod FW as well, just release by BenQ.

Im not ready to put this 1620 to rest just yet.


Aha cranky, guilty as suspected! I just knew it… modded firmware, na na da poo poo… j/k

Anyway, SB can’t be called modded firmware if it came stock from BenQ themselves and there are actually no strats for 2x media in the firmware so it is all the more impressive doing 2x@8x so well.

Heheh, I am not bragging about my DW1640 (not at all) but I am really impressed how far BenQ has managed to push the hardware ever since I tested their early sample way back in February. Back then, I was hardly impressed by it cos it wasn’t much different from the DW1620 to me but then, SolidBurn wasn’t available in the early firmware.

Well, it’s 6 months since the DW1640 was released, BenQ product cycle time. Yup, time for BenQ to hit us right between the eyes with another product - wonder if they can outdo themselves again. The Taiwanese are really nimble and adept at talkiing to the little boys in us with their 6 month cycles - witness BenQ, nVidia…

TDK 2x DVD-R burned at 8x, I can finally clear all my ol’ slo-mo media without growing a beard waiting for the burn to complete.


DW1640 stock firmware.

Overspeed on, Solid Burn On (both)

TDKG02 2x speed media @ 16x

Not to bad for the first ever burn on my new DW1640. Its crap media as well (cheap stuff) :bow: