Benq dw1640 read problem

Having recently bought a benq dw1640 straight out the box I installed it and it worked fine.
However about two days ago it stopped reading several disks, mostly cd’s that had been written with nero.
But not all of them.
The drive letter will go black, indicating their is a disk inside, if I go to adminstrator tools it tells me that the disk has something on it, but damn when I try and open disc, nothing.
Took the dvd writer back to vender who tested on his machine and it worked fine. He told me it was my software…
Enough said reinstalled windows xp, service pack 2 etc.
Still no joy.
Had my old samsung dvd combo cdr in cupboard, put that in machine. It reads all the disks fine.
So is it a setting on xp that is mixed up or is the damn benq caput and if so how do I convince my vendor to replace the damn thing?
Have reinstalled all firmware for product!

Here are some basic checklist:

  • Check DMA Settings. It should display DMA if Available and Ultra DMA Mode 2.
  • Check the burst rate using Nero CD-DVD Speed, you need a disc with a data in the drive. It should display about 23MB/s.
  • Check if Master/Slave jumper is correct.
  • Check your IDE cable, you need to use 80 pin IDE cable

If this doesn’t help, post the text outpot of Nero Infotool as “file attachment” using the “manage attachment” button so we can take a look at your system configuration.