BenQ DW1640 random BSOD

Hi !!

I’m having a lot of problems with a BenQ DW1640 since the first day I had it installed. It just throws a Blue Screen of Death at any random time: while burning, while ripping, or simply while copying some DVD files to the HDD. These problems started to arise only when I installed it, and they only happen while I’m using the DVDRW.

To eliminate any possibility of conflicting software, i formatted and reinstalled my Windows 2000 HDD. I’ve only installed DVD Decrypter and started to do some tests. After 30 minutes of reading some DVD, the BSOD popped up again. Now I’m testing the DVDRW in PIO mode, so far it hasn’t failed (so far means one hour or so) but It’s so much slower in this way that is probable that it has not failed yet because i’ve read so little data until now. However, I don’t want to use it in PIO mode, it’s so slow that is almost unusable…

The only abnormal thing that my computer appears to have is a 1.76v cpu voltage (it’s a AMD Duron 1.2hz) but it’s a very little over the standard, so i don’t think this can cause any problems.

Any leads ? suggestions ? I’ll supply any information anyone may need to help me.

Thanks !!

Possibly a PSU problem as the DVD-ROM only draws power when it’s active.

You might also want to try a different cable or IDE position.


If markrb’s post doesn’t help then check your motherboard drivers are updated. Sometimes the mobo chipset can have wonky drivers, a lot of ppl had probs with the older nForce chipsets and burners.

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue try replacing the IDE cable as mentioned above and check power connectors for bare wires touching anywhere. Had this issue but on a Lite On when using Kprobe it would cause a BSOD then my 1640 (same IDE strap) starting showing strange FW codes, ended up being a couple of bare wires on the IDE strap. Who knew??

Hi !!
Thank you all for the answers.

I’m going to start following all these advices. However, today, I did some tests and i’ve come to the conclusion that the drive works all right in PIO mode. The BSOD appears to rise only in DMA mode. Does this make any sense ?