Benq DW1640 problem


I just bought a Benq DW1640 due to its good rating. After i connected it and switch on the pc, it is auto install by winxp pro. However, it is auto install as a cdrom drive install of a dvdrw drive. Thus, i uninstall it and try to manually install but to no avail. I tired to look for the Benq DVDrw drivers but unsuccessful too. Pls advise. Thanks!


You do not need any special drivers -Winxp should see it with no problem. Do you have software or any dvd to test it. Did you go to control panel then to system then to Hardware -device manager then dvd drives and see if its listed. I am sure it says 1640. good luck with you new drive.

hi, i check it already. Its name in device manager is benq dvd dd dw1640 but device type dvd/cd rom device and in my computer is label as cdrom drive. I can read dvd perfectly ok. But i cannot burn dvdrw as the computer think that it is a cdrom drive. I also went to administrator tools=>computer management=>storage=>removable storage=>media and click on the drive however the media pool reads: “unrecognizable/cd-rom”. i think the computer auto install my dvdrw drive as cdrom drive. How to change?

What software do you have to write dvds ?? You do not need any special windows drivers for this drive.

im using nero 6 bundled with the drive. Do you have any idea how to manually tell windows xp that we have a dvdrw in the house and not a cdrom drive? :slight_smile:

What version of nero do you have 6.00 or 6.18 ?? Also what are you trying to burn?? As I said theres no problem -It is also a cdrom drive basically. did you highlight dvd in nero to tell it your oing a dvd no a cd. I use nero express.

If you have a blank CD or DVD inside the drive, in Windows Explorer or My Computer it will show as “CD Drive”. If the drive is empty it will show as “DVD-RW Drive”. Don’t worry about it.

Thanks for your input zevia

I understood already. Thanks! Cheers