Benq DW1640 (Plextor 740a) BSMB firmware won't flash?

I try to flash my plextor 740a with the BSMB firmware, OEM and not speedpatched, and it says, “this drive not allowed to be upgraded.”

Do I have to cut a trace or something?

You cannot just flash your Plextor 740A drive by using official BENQ 1640 firmware “BSMB”. You need to crossflash your drive by using the BQFLASHER or WINDWFLASH. With BQFLASHER you can use the EXE firmwares from BENQ but with the WINDWFLASH you’ll need to use the CVT FILES. You can download the BQFLASHER or WINDWFLASH from member zebadee or moderator zevia’s signature. Here’s the link for the CVT files if you want to use WINDWFLASH program. You’ll need to use Internet Explorer or download the IE TAB for Firefox Mozilla browser in order for it to open up in there.

Open up WINDWFLASH then direct it to the “BSMB” CVT FILE. Then flash the drive and reboot the pc. Make sure no disc is in the drive & turn off any programs running in the background when you flash it. I flash my drives in SAFE MODE.

Adding link to WinDWFlash. :slight_smile: Unrar to desktop/or folder of chice.
Thanks to whoever hosting it.

Ok safe mode for flashing. Funny how I have flashed my bios from windows fine, I just closed most of the programs. Better safe then sorry I guess?

Eh, you’ll be fine without safe mode… He’s just paranoid.

Yes, mostly you will be fine with normal mode, but using safe mode does not mean you are paranoid. :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
Fluxburn Just take a look [U][B]here[/B][/U] .
You can use Quikee’s BQFlasher too, instead of WinDWFlash.

thanks you guys, this is definately the best forum I have ever been to in terms of help

How about the reverse? Is it possible to flash a BenQ 1640@740A??

Yes it’s possible to flash 1640<>740A<>DRU810. Use WinDWFlash if BQFlasher fails.

Thank you for your reply. WinDWFlash works perfectly!