BenQ DW1640 or NEC ND-3540A? Please Help

My LiteOn 812S is dying and I need a replacement. I’m trying to decide between the BenQ DW1640 or NEC ND-3540A although I’ll take other suggestions.

I currently have a number of FUJI (TY) CD’s and Maxell -R DVD’s that I’ll be using initially. The FUJI’s will be mostly used for data and the Maxell’s will be used for playback in a standalone DVD player, (may switch to +R when the Maxell’s are gone).
I’ll also be ripping DVD video from -RW’s (Ritek) that will come from a standalone DVD recorder and burning some +RW Riteks for computer data and digital camera backups.

Are both of these fairly quiet during read and write operation? What warranty will I have for each in the USA?

I’m more interested in burn quality than speed. Both are about the same price at NewEgg. The NEC has tons of NE reviews but the BenQ only has a couple. So which one should I buy?


This topic has benn discussed many times please use the research engine for the answer to your question or just browse into the threads for the answer.

Buy both.

1640 now it has updated firmware with SolidBurn & QSuite 2.0

I’m only in the market for one, since you have both, which do you prefer?


Neither. Each burns different media in different ways and I am still catching up on firmwares. Looking forward to W6 for the NEC from Dee as it has some tweaks to MCC03 RG20 at 16x I am dying to try.

Hi :slight_smile:
I have both DVDRW’s & looking at you post would say this.
The NEC is fast reliable & high in the quality stakes. Lots of support via Liggy & Dee’s :bow: f/w (which refreshes the parts I didn’t think existed)
However at this present time the 1640 with it’s latest f/w & s/w are forging ahead ( particularly if you don’t use MCC 03 )
If you want fast & very good results the 1640 is the one.
However on past performance f/w from Liggy & Dee (1.W6) is only around the corner & could change this.
To summarise I personally feel that the BenQ 1640 is the one at present. Having said that whichever you go for you’ll not be let down.