BenQ DW1640 lousy performance


My new BenQ DW1640 is very slow when burning DVDs. I’ve tried Verbatim 16X DVD+R (MCC 004), TDK and Traxdata media with the same result: Speed is only about 2X!
Firmware: BSMB. PC: P4@2.5 GHz, WinXP.
Have read the FAQ on this forum ( and followed the advice, but no change…

Any suggestions welcome!


check the ide cable and DMA.

Sounds like a setup problem to me! But once you get it figured out always set your max speed to 12X! 16X has a lot of slowdowns with the 1640!
Also check your BIOS settings and maybe update your BIOS as well as Burning software!
Probably DMA as choko said!

Have double checked cable and DMA settings, these are OK.
Transfer mode = DMA if available
Current transfer mode = Ultra DMA mode 2
Couldn’t find anything in BIOS related to DVD burning.
The PC is 3 years old – is it likely the BIOS is too old…?
I use Nero burning ROM 5.5. This software correctly recognizes the max speed of the media, but still doesn’t burn faster than 2x.
Have also used Nero CD-DVD speed 4.1 to measure performance. Same result (average 2.14x).

This is driving me crazy… :eek:


What is the burst rate?

In my opinion this is your problem.

I’m not sure that a so old version is able to manage correctly a benq 1640
I suggest you to update to version 6

I’m no expert DVD performance tester, but it seems to me the curve is pretty flat at around 2x. No spikes, nothing above 2.5x.



Run the burst rate test and post the score (as suggested above).

Download the latest Nero Info Tool here. Run the tool then go to the Configuration tab and click on the Floppy/save Icon to save to your desktop. Then post as a text file under advanced/ Manage attachments. Remove any serial numbers for your Nero app. This will allow us to see the setup config of the drive. Also run a burst test as suggested twice above, should be around 24MB/s.:slight_smile:

Upgraded to Nero 6, but no improvement.

File from info tool attached.


Ran burst rate test, shows a burst rate of 23 MB/s
Average speed = 11.97x

These are read times, run on a DVD already burnt.

Is it possible to run a write burst rate test on a DVD+R?


Yes it is… But first you have to check your upper/lower filter drivers.
Remove GEARAspiWDM burning drivers because they are known to cause problems.

I put together this test a while ago. Run it a tell us what you get.
If there are any bottlenecks in your setup, you’ll be aware of them. :wink:

Edit. Reread your InfoTool output again. Are you burning data from one of your USB2 connected HDD’s? If so then probably your USB controller plays a part in it.


Swap the position of your two drives. You have the Benq as slave and the Liteon as master. Make sure not to have the jumpers on cable select.

pinto2: Removed iTunes from my system. This got rid of the GEARAspiWDM driver, but it didn’t get rid of the problem.
Have disconnected the USB2 HDDs and used only internal IDE HDDs, but the result is the same.
I only have the limited Nero 6 software that came with the DW1640, and it seems I can’t run your test with this version…

I’ll try to swap the drives, but should it matter? I would expect them to have roughly the same speed…?

BTW: Thanks for your answers everybody – this is a great forum, and I really appreciate your suggestions!


Remove the liteon while testing. Some people have had problems with a Liteon and a BenQ on the same channel…

I have removed the other DVD drive, and set up the BenQ as master.
Same result.

I notice that the CPU usage in task manager is 100% while burning.
nero.exe uses most of the CPU. I have no other heavy apps running.


Exact nero version?
What are you trying to burn?
Be advised that after Nero will not work well with Shrink!
Also some new encryptions do exactly what you are saying!
Try FAB+SHRINK+NERO .18 for a DVD backup copy!

Yes! Update your BIOS!

I’m starting to suspect that you’re encoding while burning, try burning a data dvd or iso image.