BenQ DW1640 lockups with pressed dvd discs



Hi there,

After just replacing an older drive with BenQ DW1640, each time I insert a pressed (and protected) dvd disc in the drive, the drive lockups and winXP sp2 reboots. Otherwise the drive writes, reads and scans fine unprotected discs.

I have anydvd which I tried to disable for the DW1640 but with the same results.

Any clues as to what might be the cause?

Thanks much!


Try uninstalling the IDE channel that drive is on in Device Manager and reboot so it will recognize the the drive again.


Hi :slight_smile:
Check jumper setting is correct.


Thanks! The drive is already set to master and it is the only drive on that IDE channel. If it wasn’t set properly to master, shouldn’t the unprotected backups be affected too?



Any other hints? May the drive be defect?


If it only happens with this disc, it might be the copy protection. Or does this happen w/ all “protected” discs?


It happens with all protected dvds. backups are fine though.


rolling56, how can I uninstall the IDE channel? I can only uninstall the drive, i.e. the atapi.sys driver?



Try pressing shift continuously when putting the disc in the drive and only let go when the disc is up and spinning . . . see if that helps.


Removed anydvd and checked again with same result. Holding the shift-key while loading a css protectd disc brought the same lockup. Confirmed again that the drive is jumpered as master and that it is the only drive on that IDE channel. The channel itself is ok, as there was another drive connected to it and it worked just fine with all kind of discs.

Any other hints?


Just found the cause: I had Stomp DLA installed. Removed it and everything is fine. It is obviously incompatible with the DW1640 drive.

Thanks much for all your help!