BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)

MID: MKM 001
Type: DVD+R DL 2.4x rated
Burned at: 8x speed
Drive/Firmware: BenQ 1640 BSLB

MID: MKM 001
Type: DVD+R DL 2.4x rated
Burned at: 2.4x speed
Drive/Firmware: BenQ 1640 BSOB
Solid Burn-on.

Who in there right mind would WASTE a DL disc for a STUPID scan?
Scanning’s for nutcases that dont have a life and would rather waste blanks to see how great there burner is doing or not doing, it it burns and plays in a standalone IT WORKS FINE!!

Disregard the above post, i left my computer here at work and came back and saw what somebody else typed, i cant find anyway to EDIT or remove that post so it’s stuck there, my apologies

first DL burn wish I had remembered(last defrag about 2 months ago :frowning: ) to do a defrag first.
embarrassing to admit but I can’t remember the settings :slight_smile:
The important point is it played well on my philips dvp642 no skips :clap:

Jamescoolry- Do a scan using the new Nero cd dvd speed(disc Quality) version 4.5. I’ll be interested in the results.

Here’s my best DL burn yet. It’s an MKM from a Best Buy 20 pack that I just picked up today. I think it looks better than a lot of SL scans I see here.

BTW burned at 8X

DOH…wrong thread… :doh:

DOH, wrong thread again… :doh: :doh:

Verbatim DL 2.4X@8X - Made in Singapore
Everything ON

This is my first burn on DL at 8X…so be nice guys :bigsmile:

One thing, i found strange, was the time the unity did take to finish the DVD:

More than 2 minutes :doh:

My Plextor at 6X is, i think, maybe a litle more fast…

I also trying this new FW, after using BSLB…


Brand: Verbatim 2,4x DVD+R Double Layer 8,5GB (10 Pack Spindle, Singapore)
Media ID: MKM 001

Burner: BenQ 1640 BSOB (SB + WOPC default)
Burnspeed: 4x
Reader: BenQ 1640 BSOB (8ECC)
Readspeed: 8x (CAV)

My first (and until now only) burn on DL.

This is fantastic!!!
You sure you burnt at 8x?

Please bare with me because I’m complete n00b when it comes to DL dvd burning. At least I managed to get layer break correct because the disc plays back well. :slight_smile:

MID: [B]MKM-001[/B] Verbatim Singapore juwelcase
Type: DVD-R [I]2.4x rated[/I]
Burned with: ImgBurn (old ISO image, movie)
Burned at: [B]4x[/B] speed
Burn size: [B]7837MB[/B]
Burntime: [B]27:33[/B]
Drive/Firmware: BenQ 1640@Philips 2.3 (SB/OS=n/a)
Scanned on DW1620.

Media Type: RICOH branded 8X DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-02) (Made in Taiwan) (Speeds: 2,4x; 4x; 6x; 8x)
Write Speed: 4x
Firmware: BSNB
WOPC: ON, SB: ON (but ID doesn’t appear among learned discs)

Coaster, but strangely not around Layer Break. Layer 0 was pretty good, Layer Break was promising. It died 1 GB from LB on Layer 1. :Z

Sold as RiDisc White Printable
Burnt with BENQ DW1640 BSMB

Pretty nice!

PS: I reposted your scans.

I wonder if I can improve this at all:

Recorded with my 1640 at 2.4x, BSOB firmware, WOPC on.
I can’t seem to burn any faster than 2.4x, is there a way to do it?
I tried firmware BSMB at 2.4x with WOPC on, but it gave me a write error as soon as it started to write the 2nd layer.

What brand are these Ritek DLs sold under?

It’s been my experience that Traxdata gets the good stuff when it comes to Riteks Dual layer discs.

Even so the results I get are still poor compared to Verbatim MKM 001.

Someone could be able to recommend an alternative firmware revision that may burn them better but I’d just chalk this up to experience and change media.

I got these from a 50 pack of Memorex DL media, $99.99 ($Cdn) at Futureshop.
I can’t really try different media, I mean I just bought 50 of these. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I disabled WOPC and the results are about the same:

If there’s been anything out of the ordinary going on in the NEC world, I also have a 3500A and 2500A I could try these discs with; the last DL disc I burned on the 3500A with 2.1A firmware had a quality score of 0!

50? Thats a lot of discs!

Unfortunately Memorex may not’ve been the best brand to have bought.

It’s not that they are a poor brand full stop, but rather they are very inconsistant. I have had Memorex branded CMC single layer discs that varied wildly from spindle to spindle. One batch would give excelent results; 3 PIF max, 400 PIF total with a perfect read back curve, the next spindle 10 out of 25 were coasters.

Have you done a TRT on these discs? Were there any slowdowns coresponding to the position of the high PIF peaks on the Q scans? I’ve had worse results than this with some cheep CMC MAG D01’s (RiDisc) on my 1650 and they are perfectly usable in all three of my standalones.

I would try a burn or two in both your NEC drives to compare, they may do a better job. Update to the latest firmware from NEC or even better visit Liggy and Dee’s site for their riplock removed RPC1 firmware. If the NEC is still under warranty beware that using modded firmware will void it.

If you try with your NECs post the scans in the NEC forum. It would be interesting to see the results!