BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)

Same Disc as 3 posts above, this time printed and scaned 12 hours afterwards.

Happy Xmas

I use Image Burn V1 for those although now have moved to V1.1. Burnt at 2.4x.

VERB +R DL burn speed 2.4 Ugly scan :a

Here is a hall of fame from a Ritek D01 (Memorex).


This is a Verbatim 2.4x DL printable in Jewelcase. I bought 2 of these. These two had both small spots on the outer edge which made a bad quality just before and after the layer break. I sent them to Verbatim and got replacements. These are fine now:

1st Pic: Quality Scan
2nd Pic: Transfer @MAX
3nd Pic: Quality Scan printed and scanned 3 hrs later

Burn speed should have been 8x, but the first Layer was written at 4x, the second faster but I don´t know if it was 6x or 8x.

27.12.2005 13:50:51 Info ******************** Report session closed *********************
27.12.2005 13:50:51 Info Schreibvorgang beendet
27.12.2005 13:50:51 Info Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit 4.60x, Referenz 1x = 1385.00 kbps
27.12.2005 13:50:51 Info Gesamte Brenndauer: 00:21:46.688
27.12.2005 13:29:30 Info Lead-in Brennzeit: 27538 ms
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Schreibpuffer wird gestartet
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Schreibvorgang wird gestartet…
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Buffer Underrun Schutz aktiviert
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Layer change set to LBA 2025200 (3.86 Gb.)
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Writing speed requested x8.0, effective x8.0
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Schreibe Session #1, Medium wird abgeschlossen.
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Imagedatei “XXXX” wird geöffnet
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Benötigte Sektorgröße: 3832048
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Verfügbare Sektorgröße: 4173824
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Verfügbare Geschwindigkeiten: x8.0, x4.0, x2.4
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Media ID: MKM-001-00
27.12.2005 13:29:02 Info Optimal Layer Break is in cell 9, around 00:23:09


My latest Burn- Getting better.
2.4x speed burn

This is the very first burn of any kind using BSOB

OS // off
SB // on/on
WOPC // off
Speed // 2.4

Was at 99 until right after the layer break. Held at 97 until close to the end. All in all a pretty good burn.

Thats a nice burn for dual layer. Just waiting for the price of the media to fall before I burn any, my DW1620 burnt 1 before I sold it & the DW1640 has not cut its teeth yet (& wont now as I have a 1655).

I received my 1655 today. Putting it in a new rig I’m building.

what settings did you use? SB and WPOC ON?

SB On/On WOPC On, Overspeed off

new 10pk of MKM001 in my 1640 w/BSOB…scanned in one of my 716As…

Ok Freaks!

Here it is my first burn on BENQ: VERBATIM -R 4X


The Nero refuzes to burn it, so i had to use Clone DVD ( almost 6G taken from internet… :rolleyes: )

So, what do you think?

For reference, my first and only Burn on Plextor:

Maybe i should use a more recent FW for this operation…but i think, its ok, and my DVD Player Philips 737, wont complain :flower:


This is a Scan with MKM 003 on Benq 1640…

The Media was burned at 8x…

The second is another Media at the same setings

So long…

Sher gut burn! :flower:

Was i the first to burn -R DL on this tread? :smiley: :bigsmile:


Latest burn now using BSOB. I think BSMB was better at DL burning.
Why can’t benq get around to adding verbatim +DL 6x to the firmware?
Does anybody know?
Anyhow here’s my latest burn. Please give your opinions.

this is my first DL burn. 1640 with BSOB with OS-off, WOPC-on, Solid Burn on/on, booktpye set to -r
I am using Verbatim MKM-001-00. I burned using Imgeburn and it went at about 6-8x on a 2.4x rated disk. The whoile disk burned in about 15 minutes. The quality scan looked funky, but yielded a decent % score. However, the movie starts poppin’ and lockin’ on my pioneer stand aloine at about 3/4 the way through the disk.

Any thoughts?

I am going to set it for 4x bruning and try again.

is this any better. same specs as above, but burned at 4x. going to try 2.4x now not too pleased yet as I think this will also stall on my home player.

is this any better. same specs as above, but burned at 4x. going to try 2.4x now not too pleased yet as I think this will also stall on my home player.