BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)

BenQ 1640 BSLB
Verbatim MKM001 @8x.

The disk is from the same Verbatim 3pack batch in post#20 above which gave me 0 quality score.

Benq 1640 Dual Layer threads merged. :wink:

Is 6X supported on MKM 001 with BSLB? I noticed CodeKing posted 6x burns with BSHB at the start of this thread but none of the burns posted with BSKB/BSLB appear to have been done at 6X. Was 6X support dropped in the recent firmware.

With Verb MKM 001, I only get burn speed choices of 2.4x, 4x, 8x with a variety of programs including QScan, DVDDecryptor, Nero Express 6 and DVDInfoPro. However, MCSE still shows 6X listed in the BSLB firmware image.

I’ve also seen a few screen shots posted with recent firmware and MKM 001 that don’t show 6X available.


When burning at +R9 at 8x, the first part of the disk is burned at 6x CLV, so the 6x entry in the MID table makes sence. I do not know if you can select it as a burn speed, but my guess is you can.

No offense, but it actually starts of as a 14x CAV burn and then reverts to an 8x CLV. :wink:

I used CloneDVD2 for the 6x burn. It gave me the option in the burn speed list. Whether it did it at 6x, I don’t really know, but the burn time seemed about right.

Right, but at least it starts burning at around 6x :slight_smile:

LOL, yeah it does. Some of the other drives that use ZCLV for 8x DL burning start at 6x CLV and then shift to 8x CLV.

BenQ 1640 BSLB
@8x wopc-on

BenQ 1640 Retail (May '05, China, Orig. FW BSGB)
FW: BSLB (MCSE speedpatched)
OS: On
SB: Known - On; Unknown: On
Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL (MKM001)
.ISO burn with CD/DVD Speed 4.04 @ 8x in 15:24 (8,342,773,760 bytes)

Write Curve = Good
DQ Scan = Good
Read Transfer Rate = Bad
2nd Read Transfer Rate = ERROR
PX-716A TLA0202 FW 1.08 Read Transfer Rate = Good

I’m going to watch this movie on my PC then on a stand-alone Sony DVD player and will see if there are any issues with layer break, readability (especially with seeking at high speeds) and anything else…


Flash back to stock BSLB and then do a read scan. :wink:

Reading +R9 at 16x is very ambitious because of the low reflectivity of +R9 disks, it did not work at all on the Benq 1620. The Benq 1640 seams to be a better reader, so I enabled the read speed patch for +R9 after zevia had good results, which might be a bad idea.

ala42, I also had one pressed disc that repeatedly produced a read error, when I was trying to rip it, yet it read fine after reverting to stock BSLB.

thanks for the feedback guys…disc played fine in my 1640 when watching the movie…

i’ll flash back to stock BSLB and post the transfer rate eventually…

here’s a read transfer rate still using MCSE speedpatched BSLB but manually set to 12x max read speed…little dips are most likely due to Azureus running in the background so they don’t worry me at all…

thanks again for the feedback guys :iagree:

I have a quick question. How do you guys burn an iso in CD DVD speed’s create a disc, I tried and set the option but it did not work, I was using an nrg image, the error was and unsported file or something. Are there other options to set?

suprisingly .nrg image files aren’t always compatible with CDSpeed despite them being Nero images…use ISOs and it should work…

Had a nice one that I thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

ImgBurn 1 (after PgcEdit)
1640 burn

Much better that I had been getting. I took a break from DL for a while, then gave it another go.

I just got a 1640 and flashed it to 164B. Here is my test scan:

Now this is interesting. It looks like they may have recalibrated CD/DVD Speed for DL disks? This is a scan of the same disk above, but with version 4.04 DVD Speed. The above scan is with v4.08. Note the familiar layer break mountain (though not terrible). Same QS. Similar PIF…See what I mean though?

So I’m having some concerns with burning +DL MKM001.
Every burn that I do, regardless of speed (2.4,4, or 8x) all turn out the same way as cbadd’s, adoniscik, and drpino scans. Is this just a media issue or a burner issue?

They all play in my standalone, but wondering what the shelf-life quality is going to be.