BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)

IIRC,the MDS contains amongst other things the layer break info so I’d suggest using it.


I’ve only burnt one Verbatim 2.4x +R DL disk ripped using dvd Decrypter and then burnt using Full Nero version and I also got that effect you spoke of where as soon as the layer changed it jumped a chapter. So in my case using Nero didn’t help- although I have to repeat this is my experience on one burnt disk. I will try burning using Decrypter and see how things go and get back to you.

Based on other threads, I only use Decrypter to burn -DL media. Never have a layer change problem. There is a write up some where that describes the issue with Nero but don’t remember where !!!

It is your job to find it. :wink:

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Funny/annoying thing is, I just had a DL disk skip a chapter at the layer break last night. Since I have not played through all of the DL’s I’ve made, I had not noticed it. Most of them seem fine. FWIW. Ack

I found on the net that this issue happens with DVDDecryter as well, so…

And yes…it’s still your job. :wink: heh :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried this. How do you do it? I don’t find an option to burn in CD/DVD Speed, any version.

File>Options>Standard Tests>Lower right hand corner use selected write speed and pick which speed you want to use or you can stick with the maximum

Then (File>Options>Standard Tests still)>Transfer Rate>Lower right hand corner check the circle for data and check the circle for burn image file and include test data

Now when you select Create Data Disk (F9) in run tests, it will prompt you to choose a file for burning. This way you can still get a usable disk out of what you burn.

I learned this from some post on this board somewhere. I forgot who wrote it or I would give credit.

FWIW, I have never had a problem with DL discs created with decrypter.

Also, burn image is ther in plain sight in Nero Express. I never really looked at that as I was always trying to do it from the dvd-video section. I am going to try and burn an ISO file DL dvd with Nero burn image option to see if it can compare to decrypter.

Ahhhhhhhh. Thanks for the instructions. I’ll give it a go on my next DL burn, or whatever. :slight_smile:

Good luck on the Nero burn!

When I used it for a DL burn with ISO’s, the burn failed and wouldn’t even start. It may work with file type burns, but might still be plagued with the same problems that Nero has with the freezing and possible chapter repeats.

To all. I just noticed something interesting. Perhaps some of you can help. As I noted above, I played a DL disk and it skipped a chapter at the layer break… in my stand-alone player. However, When played in my PC it played fine.

My question is, has anyone else noticed, or can now confirm, this to be the case with your “problem” disks as well? A theory is that maybe some stand-alone players aren’t up to the challenge of home made DL disks yet.

What do you think?

Started new thread in case it helps:

I have experieced the same thing that D/L burn I made from a DVD Video skips chapters when being played in my stand alone DVD player but works fine in my computer player. Ofcourse I might add my experiences with burning D/L disc has been only with Memorex and Memorex known to be unfavorable for its D/L discs.

The “it” in reference to these posts means that when I used the cd dvd speed to burn a DL disc using ISO files.

Still poor MKM001 burns here… This time with BSLB at 4x, WOPC off, and SolidBurn fully activated.

Why is the first GB so bad? Should I modify the write strategy?

I have not burned a DL disk with this new firmware, but with the BSKB, I had to turn off Solidburn and Overspeeding to get a decent DL burn.

Has someone tried out Ricoh DL’s with BenQ 1640 yet?

I think that the TDK DL discs I picked up from a CompUSA sale are Ricoh DL’s. I can only burn htme at 2.4X with the 1640. I’ll try and post a scan later of the one burn that I did. I have not checked to see how the burn was as it was a disc I gave my sister.

In Post #28 of this thread (on page 2), the last image that I uploaded was a Ricoh DL disc and it got a 94 quality score from a 2.4X burn.

I have not burned a DL disk with this new firmware, but with the BSKB, I had to turn off Solidburn and Overspeeding to get a decent DL burn.

SolidBurn only works with ±R. RW does not, and same goes for DL. Oh and cd-r(w) isn’t supported by SB either. :slight_smile:


I am aware that SolidBurn does not work with DL media, I was just pointing out that with that feature turned on, my DL burns were worse than when that feature was turned off by a significant amount of PIF. I think somebody else in this thread also mentioned that SolidBurn affected their DL burns.