BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)

no surprise there :doh:

I know that Memorex doesn’t have good repetation for the D/L disc butyou can’t blamce all 3 failure aempts on Memorex alone this very serious charges then this company can survive and stay in business when its $5/disc D/L are 3 in row fails. This is hard to consume.

what MID are the discs? pretty much everything posted here illustrates that any other DL media besides verbatim isn’t worth the hassle…

Well. I’ve burned about 40 DL Verbatim’s so far and they all look like the ones above. Conversely I have heard nothing but bad things about Memorex. Go figure.

What software you use for burnign D/L disc? if I may ask.


Seriously…what on earth is going on? Note that only the top layer is messed up. It is as if the write strategy is wrong. My QSuite 2.0 settings are all defaults:
WOPC: Enabled
Overspeed: Disabled
SolidBurn: Non-activated/activated

Here’s my contribution :slight_smile:
8X burn
DVD Decrypter to rip using 1640
DVD Decrypter to burn using 1640
BSKB stock
Solid Burn-off

Here’s my first sucessful DL burn with my replacement 1640.

8X burn
DVD Decrypter ripped using 1640
DVD Decrypter burned using 1640
BSKB read-speed patched with MCSE
Solid Burn-off

I don’t use Shrink to compress the movie before putting it on dual layer. I have used it because when I have ripped it a movie with decrypter in file mode, it is the only way I know how to convert that to an iso file for burning with decrypter. I usually rip into file mode because I don’t always use DL media.

Nero Express has always given me issues at the layer break. I could probably live with the pause if it was brief, but my player freezes when Nero burns the movies. My player has no problems with movied that were burned with decrypter at the layer break.

I try to stick with Verbatim media, but I have no problem trying out the other types. The first 8X burn made with my 1640 with the BSJB firmware was outstandign for DL media in my eyes but all my 8X burns have been downhill from there and some of my other burns have not been so hot either.

the first three burns are all done at 8X and I believe were all burned with Decrypter. The 4th scan is from a 4X decrypter burn. The last is a 2.4X burn because that is all that media would support. That fourth burn plays well as does the first burn. I have not yet tested the other three in my player. I have had some other burns, but I thought posting five images would have been enough for now.

Hehe. Perhaps I can save you some time. I don’t do use DVDDecrypter to burn, but you can save some steps.

  1. In DVDDecrypter, Rip using Mode/ISO/Read
  2. Then burn using Mode/ISO/Write


I always use shrink in between to remove all of the extra goo. To each his own though. :slight_smile:


I understand that I can save some time by using ISO Read then ISO Write mode and I appreciate you taking the time to post tips. I do use those modes when I know I am going to put something on DL media. I can live with the extra 5 minutes it takes to change the files into an iso for burning. I just don’t always use DL media because even when I can get it for about $4 a disc every now and then, that doesn’t really compare to $0.40 or less a disc with single layer.

I just can’t get my version of Nero Express to burn ISO files because it says not compatible when I try to burn from the dvd-video section. Do you use the data dvd method to burn ISO files? Do you only need that ISO file or do you also need that little file that Decrypter uses as well (MDS file)?

Thanks for letting me know that Shrink can manipulate ISO files with shrink. I thought it only worked with stuff ripped from decrypter in file mode. Since Shrink can work with ISOs, I may start using ISO read mode for all my stuff.

Here is my latest burn at 8X DL burnwith Solidburn Off and Overspeed Off using Decrypter. This was an ISO read and then an ISO write.

I just tried burning an ISO file from Shrink, movie only with re-autoring, and burning that on a 4.7GB disc in Nero Express using the data dvd burn, but the resulting disc would not play in my dvd player.

Edit: I just realized I never explained what my issue was with Nero Express and the 1640 when explaining what errors occur when burning dual layer media. The first disc I burned that was in file mode rip from decrypter and nor used in shrink, burned decent at 8X, but instead of freezing at the layer break, the previous chapter repeated as the movie continued. I had no idea why this happened, but it pretty much made me go back to burning DL media with decrypter.

  1. You can use them, of course, for SL burning as well if you wish. What are the extra 5 minutes?

  2. Yes. The MDS file is burning instructions. I have read where it is a benefit for DL burns. Load the MDS file when you burn, and not the ISO. DVDDecrypter will handle the rest. :slight_smile:

Experiment with SL (read cheap) media. :wink:

Do you have Nero Burning ROM (full program)? If so, then I believe you need to burn an ISO using Recorder/Burn Image. First cancel the New Compilation screen that pops up.

I have only burned SVCD’s this way, but think it’s correct. In other words, Express won’t do ISO’s. (?)

I use the MDS file when burning with Decrypter. My question was basically can Nero use that file for its burns?

I only have the OEM version of Nero that came with my burner (not full version) so I am guessing that Nero OEM cannot burn playable ISO files. I have been burning SL media for a long time, its just that I have been having problems with DL media playback. I don’t post a lot because usually I find answers in the forums, but I have not really seen anybody really saying the best method they have found for burning DL media.

I did try an ISO burn on DL using CdSpeed, but that turned out to have a 0 quality score and my dvd player hated that disc. I have a Denon DVD player that is about a 2.5 years old model that plays most anything, even stuff that has some scratches on it.

I am guessing that I will continue to use Decrypter for DL burns until I pony up for the full Nero version. Decrypter does do a good job and I have no issues at the layer break with it. I just don’t like Nero Express’ layer break difficulties.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

“My question was basically can Nero use that file for its burns?”

Yes. Use it in Nero the same way. But only if your version has that ability, of course. Check to see if your Nero version will do this.

Why don’t you simply decrypt using File setting in DVDDecrypter, re-author with Shrink if wanted, then burn (VOB/TS files) using Nero Express? This is the only way I do it, with no problems really.

In other words, why bother with ISO files at all?

I loaded the oem disk from my 1640 on another computer and the burn image option is there in plain sight in Nero Vision Express2.

That is what I was doing when I had the errors where my player froze at the layer break wiht my 1620 and with my 1640 the chapter that was playing before the layer break repeated at the layer break. I can always try another disc as I think I still have around 10 Verbatims left and 4 TDKs left.

@dsdarli - I was not using Nero Vision Express, but Nero Express (the OEM burning ROM). I asked earlier in the thread what people were using for burning and nobody said that they were using Nero Vision Express. I will have to check that out later when I get back from the office. Nero Express for making the DVD video compatible discs requires that you use video files (such as .vob,.bup.ifo) rather than ISOs.

When I run Nero Express 6 last item is “burn image or saved project”. This is from the OEM cd I installed this morning. When you click on that it opens a directory window of .CUE, .ISO, or .NRG files. Same goes for Nero Vision Express2.

DvdDecrypter does not care if you run the ISO or the MDS file. It used to tell you to run the MDS file. And if you look at Options>General you’ll see a box to turn on/off the warning.