BenQ DW1640 -- for DVD+-R *DL* (dual/double layer)



I needed to burn some double layer media, so I decided I would take this opportunity to test the 1640’s double layer writing ability. I thought some of you would be interested in the results ;).

The drive is a black retail unit, manufactured in May in Malaysia and shipped with BSHB firmware. All discs were Verbatim MKM 001, single jewel case, made in Singapore.

Scan 1: 4x


Scan 2: 6x


Scan 3: 8x


Scan 4: 8x


The 8x speed looks pretty good whats up with the 6x though ??

Have you tried the Plex 1.01 firmware also to see if its any better, I get the impression its newer than BSHB.


I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t spend a lot of time on 6x thinking it wouldn’t be used much or maybe it’s just the disc. These MKM 001’s are quite variable, probably due to the complexity of the manufacturing. The disc scans perfectly at 6x and plays fine in the two player I have tried so far.

Have you tried the Plex 1.01 firmware also to see if its any better, I get the impression its newer than BSHB.

I think I’ll wait for the new BenQ firmware, which I don’t think will be too far away ;).


new firmware not too far away…:smiley:


Thanks eleewhm :). I can’t wait to try it out ;).


Thanks for the scans COdeKing. Wish you know how long does it take to burn @8x full disk. :stuck_out_tongue: And with what writing method (Z-CLV, CAV).

So from all the 8x DL burners, only BenQ 1640 actually did a good job @8x. NEC 3540 still need some improvements. And interesting, Plextor PX-716A at 6x CAV burns as fast or faster then NEC ND-3540A at 8x Z-CLV.


It took just over 15 minutes and I would suspect the burn was like the one in jan70’s review, which was PCAV. It certainly sounded like it ;).


8x DL will complete in just over 15 mins…

this was burnt on the old firmware

well my disc quality is not that good…most probably a bad disc…

MID: MKM 001
Type: DVD+R DL 2.4x rated
Burned with: Nero CD-DVD Speed
Burned at: 8x DL
Burn time: 15:06
Booktype: DVD+ROM
Firmware: BSGB
Burn : 17

well quality of disc so so… =:p …but time is 15:06…mine’s a full 8.150GB disc… :smiley:
fisrt layer was consistent abou 99% score till the burn into the second layer…


A pretty ugly burn, but reads back at 12x CAV and appears to play fine in a DVD player.


MKM DL disc seem to vary quite a bit


It’s the same with Ritek DL D01 media


My first dual layer scan
Good final score… 96, but the first part is very good, the second is bad…any suggestions or idea??
Thanks all for response :iagree:


Interesting burn scan. Only burned the second layer at 4x :confused:. What burning app did you use? - because either the drive had problems with the second layer, and drop the speed back (which may have avoided a coaster), or the burning app screwed up and only set the speed to 4x for the second layer…


I have used the last release of Nero Reloaded, strange situation… :o :o


hey i had the same prob as well…I used shrink. :confused:


Just received my BenQ DW1640 today…Flashed it to BSJB and I am getting the same result as Energy…8X on the first layer burn and 4X on the second layer…does anyone have a suggestion as to the problem with why the slowdown when changing layers?



PS…Drive on IDE 1 as master. When I had it as slave, it would NOT burn any faster than 4X on either layer


BenQ DW 1640/BSJB
Verbatim MKM001 @8x

Not good. Maybe WOPC off worth a try?
Read at 6-16x CAV though. :stuck_out_tongue: [thanks ala42]