BENQ DW1640 firmware Update



My drive BENQ DW1640 came only with the BSGB firmware.

Have downloaded the BHSB firmware from the official Website.

Can someone plz tell me how to flash the firmware?

Can i just extract the ZIP file into a folder and then run the .exe directly.

OR will i have to make a bootable CD and boot in the DOS mode and then run the firmware??Does FLashing the drive mean booting in dos mode and then running the .exe of the firmware…

BTW is there any way to make this BENQ drive region free?

Thanks for your help!


Yes, you can directly run the exe file, i’d only close apps runnin in the background, like
firewall, antivirus etc.! Just select your drive and hit the ugrade button, after finishing
reboot your pc, that’s all. Meanwhile there’s a newer firmware BSIB.
Here you can get region free firmwares rpc1 :wink: