BenQ DW1640 DVD-Writer



at usual, wonderful review, thanks


I just posted the article BenQ DW1640 DVD-Writer.

This time BenQ sent us their latest and greatest DVD-Writer; the BenQ DW1640. Upon receiving the drive, BenQ promised us a newer firmware with extra functionality, but it was delayed so much that we decided to start the review with BSJB. By the time we were finalizing this review; firmware BSKB and later BSLB were released, and we have now included test results with BSKB, BSKC and BSLB on page 9 and 10 of this review.

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Thanx OC for review. Damn our BENQ distributor is not selling any DVD writers here:r


Very happy to read your review. You verify the reviews given by cdrlab and cdrinfo that this is an exceptional burner. I am happy to say that I bought one last week from newegg for $40. Was going to buy another NEC (I love my 3500), but changed my mind after reading their reviews. So far, a very good performer and Qsuite is a surprise bonus.


Regarding the overburning capabilities of this drive I could find only CD overburning in this review, but no mention on DVD-R/+R.


@Juhuslik… BenQ Distributors not selling this drive here too… i had to import it !!!:c