BenQ DW1640 (bulk,plextor oem) Can't flash ? "BSIB"



Those who have Bulk,Plextor oem , cannot flash .
Now BSIB firmware detect serial number before flash it. :sad:

*luckly i bought retail version.


And… how is it ? =)


my BENQ 1640 can flash. but another oem(bulk) drive cannot . Weird~


Mine flashed fine, from BSHB to BSIB, primary slave. I think it’s still working, didn’t really try yet.


Flippit, do you have a retail (AKA “Pro”) or OEM version of DW1640?


OEM (or bulk) black. Looks exactly the same as the Plextor, apart from the logos on the front. It originally came with the BSGB firmware.


so it’s an other rumor ???


another rumor? Please explain… :eek:


The new firmware is flashable on all drives.

Make sure the Benq-drive is the FIRST DVD-ROM in your system (drive letter).

If not you should change the driver letter assignment. You must not swap any cables, you can do it all in Windows.


No problem for flashing, master or slave working 100%.

Bye :iagree: