BenQ DW1640 and then what?



I currently have a DRU-810A@DW1640 BSLB. I plan on using that for scanning and such.

Now I’m looking for one mean writer. I mean the best. I’m trying to weigh the strength against the weaknesses of the major drives out there right now. I’m still sort of a newb so please I’d like everyone’s input. I decided to try and not ask for info that’s already around on the forums, so I did some of my own research but I don’t imagine it’s all correct. I’m mainly just looking for opinions, recommendations, and corrections to my information.

These are the two I’m come up with, but I’m not dead-set on them. Please suggest another if there’s better.


  • Apparently good MKM001 +R DL burns
  • Quality burns at 16x+ speeds
  • Slow ZCLV 8x burning

Pioneer DVR-111D

  • Rock solid +R DL burning up to 6x
  • Less picky over cheaper media???
  • No native bitsetting support (is this for both SL and DL, or just SL?)


Newer model LG H42N, I have it and love it.:clap:


:slight_smile: Thanks but that one’s not available yet where I am.

Also, I forgot to factor in I need excellent TY CD-R burning in whatever I get.


Keep in mind that both the Pio and LGs are riplocked, so if you are going to use them as rippers as well, you will need MCSE, which is fine. The LG bitsetting is automatic UNTIL you boot your computer, then you have to manually reset it. Not so with the Pio cross-flashed to 111L 8.29. Once flashed, it’s a done deal. Also, my h22n was a slower burner than the 111 by nearly a minute most speeds. I’ve since given the h22n to a friend since I have a DVD-Rom for ripping.


So actually, I was initially thinking about the LG. Now I’m leaning more towards the Pio. What’s this about crossflashing on the Pio though? Does this allow bitsetting on both SL and DL? Also, when flashing the Pio, would it be possible to tackle both bitsetting and the riplock in one go? And is it possible to do those things without crossflashing?


Man, this is hard. So after hours and hours of looking over reviews and scans and flashing capabilities, it’s still hard to decide. Which would you say is absolutely better at burning MKM001 DVD+R DL? The Pio or the LG?


Well, wish me luck. I went with the DVR-111D. I sense some crossflashing in very near future…


No luck needed. You’ll both be fine!


At most speeds? This may be true for the lowest speeds, due to the Z-CLV writing strategy of the LG drives up to 8x, but at the highest speeds, especially at 16x and 18x, the LG drives are definitely faster than the Pioneer 111, they are faster at 18x than the new LiteOn 20x burner at 20x speed even.

On topic: I can highly recommend the LG GSA-H22N, I have it myself. If you need a relaible workhorse for high speed burning, Verbatim DVD+R media (MCC004) prefered, this is the drive to get. Burn quality with the right media is excellent, probably unmatched at the highest speeds (check out this thread for scans).
There is a riplock patch available for this drive as well, but not for the newer Renesas based H42N model, because there is no way to dump LG drive firmwares yet.

I prefer LG drives with the Panasonic chipset for various reasons (forum search), and therefore recommend the H22N.


I won’t be burning much over 8x, I use YUDEN000T02. So I guess that was one of the tiebreakers for me.

edit Oh nice, it just went on sale and since I ordered it yesterday, they gave me the sale price.


It should burn YUDEN000T02s very nicely at 8x, like most burners do really, but it won’t be fast at that speed. There are better choices for low(er) speed burning indeed.

With that media, you should get very good results with almost all burners available on the market, including the more crappy ones. It doesn’t make that much of a difference.