BenQ DW1640 and Oxford 911+ Chipset


Is anyone here using a BenQ DW1640 in an enclosure that has an Oxford 911+ chipset?

I ask because I tried using one in a Mapower KC51C1 enclosure that has an Oxford 911+ chipset for Firewire (firmware version 1.02), but I discovered a nasty bug that prevents commercial DVDs from playing, and results in rips that are unplayable.

I know the problem is specific to the DW1640 and this enclosure or chipset, because putting the DW1640 in a Mapower KC51U2 with a Genesys Logic USB2 chipset causes no problems, and the KC51C1 with a Lite-On DH-20A3P installed also works perfectly via Firewire. Also, I’ve used my 1640s in enclosures that had older Oxford 911 chipsets (not the faster plus version), and they worked perfectly, so this issue is specific to the 911+ and not the regular 911.

Any thoughts? Is the enclosure “broken” or is this some kind of weird interaction bug between the 1640 and the 911+? Anyone experienced this or something similar before with a 1640, 1650, or 1655?