Benq DW1640 about to bite the dust...what burner should I buy next?

Is there a burner out there that can be a worthy successor to it? I don’t care about speed since I only burn @8X. All I care about is good quality burns using Yuden and Verbatim +R Media.

PS Something that doesn’t break the bank is also important…

For efficient burns, I highly recommend either of these after looking at the various scans:

  1. LG H42/H62
  2. Pioneer DVR 111 D
  3. BenQ - 1650/DW 2000

My 2 year old Liteon (Sony 710 UL) is still the BEST reader of scratched DVDs. So if reading efficiency is your criteria, the Liteys never disappoint!

Thanks for the recommendations. I appreciate it. Just out of curiosity…I see you recommend the DW 2000. I thought everything Benq did after they parted ways with Philips was not as good as the early stuff.

PS NewEgg has the Pioneer 112D not the 111D. Any difference?

Or you can get another DW1640.

See the BenQ DW2000 scans, you’ll get the idea…

Scans look good, but the scans of my old Benq with Yuden media look slightly better. Since the DW1640 has been discontinued, I guess I can’t do anything about it anyway. What about my last question, is the Pioneer 112 the same as the 111? I can only find the 112 model.