BenQ DW1640 - $54 Canadian @ NCIX


This is my next upgrade :slight_smile:

Of course I pity anybody who has to get stuff shipped.


The s/h to TX is a little over $16 USD. It’s a better price with that discount now, though ($44.35 USD) = approx $61 USD. Not bad, but I’ll wait for it to show up at NewEgg. Someone here thought NewEgg would have it for around $49 and certainly on the website by the end of the week. If that’s true, that would still be (s/h included) $7-8 less than from NCIX. I’ve waited this long; one or two more weeks won’t kill me.


looks like the 1640 is now the same price as the DW1620 was last week, I’ve checked three places here and the regular 1640 price is CDN$59 or less. Anitec is the same price as NCIX, and they have better customer service, plus shipping is cheaper. - $54 - $59


Checked it out, but it’s not for me, as I’m in the US and they don’t ship outside of Canada. Hopefully some interested Canadians will check that out, as it will be a good deal for them. :slight_smile:


NCIX hasa US and Canadian page, only difference is the US page is in US dollars so right now it’s cheaper and they do ship to the US, my drive should be here today for less then 70 shipped. All the Canuks says its a great company and a friend has ordered from them before with quick shipping to the US and no problems for him. They also have a deals link up top that has specials for the day/week whatever and the black 1640 is 44 US right now.


Yes they do ship to the US. See customer care

. Unfortunately, the price is now $63.21 Canadian.

Does handle International orders or orders from the US?

Yes, accepts orders from the US or Canada. Orders bound to the US will not be charged any additional fees, such as taxes or duties. No orders outside of the US or Canada will be accepted.

What taxes do I pay?

All orders shipping within British Columbia (BC) will be charged the applicable provincial sales tax (PST). Goods and Services Tax will be charged for all orders shipped to a Canadian address, except for Government orders and orders bound to destinations where GST is exempt. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be charged to residents of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

For US bound orders, no additional taxes or duties will be charged.


not if you use this link. :wink:


better yet, use this link! :smiley:

update: price is now even lower @; it costs CAD$8 to ship where I live, unfortunately shipping is only withing CANADA.