BenQ DW1640 - $44 shipped @ newegg (eom)

BenQ DW1640 - $44 shipped @ newegg (eom)


Damn - $3 less than I paid-

Very good burner - so far-


Damn…more RAM or new burner? Hmmm…Can’t decide!

@ DJMind:

Only 256 MB RAM (in your sig)? If so … yikes!! Esp. running XP. I’d definitely get hooked up with more ram (at least 512, but 1 GB is silky, silky). :wink:

Then again … a new burning toy sounds awfully good too.

I need more RAM and a new video card really before I get a new burner, but damn that’s a good deal.


Go for the RAM - you’ll be surprised at the difference 1gb makes-



Go for the RAM - you’ll be surprised at the difference 1gb makes-

AND jump all over the 1640 too-eh!


It’s been hovering between 40.99 and 45.99 since it was announced, I believe.

hey DJ, i wouldn’t get either right now…i’d save up for a new A64 system instead…

I might just do that too. :iagree:

that way you can have a new system with 1 gig of RAM and a new burner :wink:

I bet it will be days/weeks/months until you decided to get the A64. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you upgrade, you still can use the old machine right? So add more ram, at least 512MB, and get the new burner if you need one. If the new machine is ready, put the burner in the new one. :wink:

Thinking of getting 512MB RAM, and an A64 MB, then saving for CPU, videocard, and burner. :iagree:

Since this thread seems to have a little AMD64 action thrown into it, what ya guys think of the AMD64 CPU? I am tempted to get an AMD64 4000+ upgrade myself. (I got a P4 3.4 @ 3.65 GHz now). Worth it? Not really? Any issues with optical drives with the chipsets used with AMD64 setups?

probably not worth it for you with that P4 and you’d most likely want to go X2 (dual core) if you want to multitask to the same extent as a HyperThreaded P4…and that’s a relatively pricey route…

main chipsets for A64 come from Via and Nvidia (ATI has one as well, but not very common as does SiS<-lowbudget)…some people abhor Via chipsets and others have had plenty of issues with Nvidia ones…overclockers go for NV most of the time…@stock, Via is just fine though…

:osorry for the thread-jack…

i’m running an amd64,

Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (MS-7125). BIOS 1.5
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester

after much research and plenty of prep. machine is rock solid. when i first loaded drivers i used standard ms drivers (since i have many ide optical drives). well i just moved over to the NVIDIA ide drivers and my machine runs much better. i used to have a problem when i tried to copy 5 dvd’s at once to my USB enclosure, my machine would just reboot. now with latest NVIDIA drivers its very stable, no reboots. plus now when i burn dvd’s the buffers on both my benqs and nec is much more stable (less fluctuations). i have not had any problems burning with NVIDIA’s drivers and my burn quality hasn’t changed at all… i will say one thing tho, get plenty of power (i’m runnin a Thermaltake PurePower ATX 560W). i think a lot pf people complain about amd or nvdia and their problem is really cheap/under powered machines.

You guys have no problems with OEM’s rather than the retail packaging?

I don’t generally use the software they give you anyway, but the retail packages seem fresher for some reason. I know it may not be the case, but sometimes I think th OEM’s were either opened or returned for credit (although probably never used).

Bought my last 2 drives OEM. I have had no issues at all. Good way to save money, especially if you already have the software. Some drives, like this 1640 OEM even come with Nero. That’s cool. But I’d rather save the $15 or so over the retail package, at least with CD/DVD drives.

Not so with video cards or even hard drives, at least for me. But optical drives seem to be just fine without all the flash and sizzle.

all my ODDs have been retail, but i have gotten CPUs, HDDs, etc. OEM…haven’t had any issues with those…

I got my CPU’s retail cause I like having a stock heatsink included. :slight_smile: