Benq Dw1630 Release Date?

Any idea when the BenQ DE1630 will be out? Software such as NTI cd maker already supports the drive. Any idea what the specifications for the drive will be

I know it will have

16 x for both + and - Media like old drives
It will have 4x DL

but does anyone what the rewrite speeds will be?

This sounds more like the specs for DW1620Pro & this will come out either late Dec/early Jan. I’m just wondering if the Nero software that is included with the retail version will be or the older version.

Unfortunately, the one spec that I want in a drive that isn’t available on the market (in a high quality drive) is 8x +RW.

This along with 4X +R DL was what the DW1630 was supposed to bring to the market. Things look rather bad, though, if Benq is taking the time to release the DW1620Pro. Why would they do that if the DW1630 were right around the corner?

These features are already avaliable in the DW1620 with the latest FW B7P9.
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8x +RW rewriting is available with the Plextor 716A but it depends on weither youll be able to get your hands on this drive anytime soon, the drive seems to be in demand as plextor hasnt been able to meet demand.

I can buy 5 >Plextor 716A’s TLA#0101 right now at Best Buy but i won’t touch them untill more people get good ones. I like my BenQ 1620 with B7P9 f/w just fine :smiley:

What do you mean by good ones are the Plext 716A defective? I know that the drives have been delayed in europe so that plextor can imrpove media quality or something like that. Im just waiting for a review of the drive to show media results and then i may get it. Im stuck deciding weither i get a Plextor or a BenQ i dont really want to wait ages for the BenQ.

I also had to choose between the Benq 1620 and the Plex 712. The Plex 716 is not giving the burns as I’d expected, as far as I’ve seen in the Plex forum. I chose for the Benq 1620 because it’s fast, it’s able to scan, bunrs all dvd+r’s awesome and fast. At 16X it’s just below 6 minutes. The Plextor is 6 min 21 sec at 12X. It doesn’t matter much, but I guessed the Benq has more future then the Plex 712. If you decide know, the best option is Benq 1620. But perhaps when Plextor releases the new batch of 716 that might be the better one, although I doubt it. You might wanna check the Nec 3500 too, ok, it’s much slower at 8X and 12X then the Benq at the same speeds, but it’s superiour ito the Benq if it is about burning dvd-r and reads faster.

BenQ drives have really caught my attention its the kind drive i really want but i want a drive that can write RW media faster than 4x and i would like it before christmas. I dont really want a NEC because they have gone with crap Z-CLV, CAV or PCAV is much better likes what is used in Plextor and BenQ/Philips drives.

If you really want to write +rw at 8X, then the only option is a Plex 716. But why do you want dvd+rw at 8X??? +r’s cost like 40cents?

Cause 20 minutes is pushing the limits of my patience i dont mind 10 but 20 is like having my 4x CDRW drive again. Anyway im hoping that the BENQ or PLEXTOR will abe able to write 4 RW media at 8x.

I don’t think there will be a writer able to burn 4X RW media at 8X, I guess you will need specific 8X RW media. Meanin’ more expensive. 4X RW takes 15min and that’s for a full disc. I almost never write a full DVD+RW, mostly I need 2gig or so and burn it on a +RW. But come on, you have good dvd+r that are able to do 16X for 50cent or so, who cares about burning +RW fast?

For one, using DVDs for a daily backup routine can quickly eat up write once media. Also, if you need to keep remastering a disc because of changes, the planet will appreciate it when you don’t add to its landfills.


If you really want to backup some files on a daily schedule then you should consider using a DVD-RAM instead. DVD-RAM is slower ( :frowning: ) but the data safety is higher. And you can rewrite a RW “only” up to 1000 times but a RAM but to 100.000 times (what i’ve read).

Tests in the german magazin c’t showed that DVD+/-RW (4x Speed) should be (at least) fully erased 2 times before using it as a backup media. The reason is that the “dye” (phase change material) will “normalize” after the first burns.

They did a “step test” which means

  1. copy 400MB onto RW and erase
  2. copy 800 MB onto RW and erase

    up to 4000MB. Now they made a PI/PO scan (at audio dev) and (suprise, suprise) most of the burners failed at the outer areas (written 1-3 times) whereas the inner area (written 7-10 times) where good.

If you “just” copy files onto your disc you’ll “do” something like the above. Sometimes the files are bigger sometimes smaller => the area burned/erased is each time different.



[off-topic]CD-RW < DVD-RW < DVD+RW < Blu-ray

DVD-RAM’s something closer to PD.

DVD-RW is faster and larger than CD-RW. DVD+RW is faster than DVD-RW and is a little more flexible but of the same size. Blu-ray is faster and larger than DVD+RW and can use cartridges like DVD-RAM.[/off-topic]

8x DVD+RW is also supported in GSA-4163B, but what is not available anytime soon (at an affordable cost) is 8x DVD+RW media.

PX-716A can write recommended 4x DVD+RW media at 8x. Their datasheet states that only RICOH and Verbatim RW media is recommended ( However I don’t see anyone post a scan on RW @8x. In general the 716A needs to be fixed first so it’s not a good option for now.